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Independence of Kosovo will lay out under the Russian veto

past Saturday in Vienna a failure the final round of negotiations on the status of Kosovo has ended. Serbia has rejected again the plan of the special representative of the United Nations across Kosovo Marti Ahtisaari, and now the document will be transferred in Security Council of the United Nations to which and should put an end in prolonged dispute of Belgrad and Prishtina. The created situation puts Russia in an uncomfortable position: Serbs wait that Moscow will apply the veto and will not allow Kosovo to find independence.
the meeting has shown that the parties and have not found the general approach of the future status of Kosovo. Unfortunately, following the results of day they have decided not to change the positions - has commented on an unfavourable result serbsko - the Albanian negotiations in Vienna the special representative of the United Nations across Kosovo Marti Ahtisaari. The disappointment of the diplomat was clear: he and has not managed to become the main Balkan peacemaker. The Serbian leaders president Boris Tadich and prime minister Voislav Koshtunitsa have not found common language with the Albanian colleagues - president Fatmirom Sejdiu and head of the government Agimom to the Check which as a whole approve offers of mister Ahtisaari. At the last negotiations Belgrad which has rejected the plan of the special representative of the United Nations still long before their beginning, has confirmed again the position. President Tadich has once again declared that the offered variant of settlement opens a way to independence of the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija that contradicts the norms of international law protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity it is international the recognised states what Serbia " is also;.

After these words of Marti Ahtisaari has declared that the potential of negotiations on a problem of Kosovo is settled also it washes hands. The diplomat has informed that henceforth the UN Security Council will be engaged in the decision of a Kosovan problem. In the near future the plan of Ahtisaari assuming granting to disputable edge of the limited sovereignty under control of the European Union and allocating Kosovo the right to enter the international organisations to have armed forces, national flag and the arms, it will be transferred the secretary general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon. Then, when the document will translate on United Nations languages (it is expected that it will occur in the end of March - the beginning of April), it will appear at the disposal of members of Security Council of the organisation who and should define destiny of Kosovo.

Belgrad has already made the protest against transfer of offers of mister Ahtisaari to the United Nations. the plan cannot be submitted for approval United Nations Security Council as is equitable only to interests of Prishtina and Kosovan Albanians - head has declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Vuk Drashkovich. Meanwhile the Serbian authorities have made everything that the Kosovan question has been assigned to Security Council. Last month the parliament of Serbia has accepted the resolution rejecting the formula of reconciliation with Kosovan Albanians, offered Marti Ahtisaari. After that any serbsko - the Albanian negotiations have lost any meaning. Having arrived thus, Belgrad has counted on Moscow, counting that Russia will not allow Kosovo to become independent and, having exercised the right the veto in United Nations Security Council, will block acceptance of the plan of Ahtisaari. In this case discussion of a Kosovan problem can be begun with a blank leaf.

the behaviour of the Russian authorities while corresponds to expectations of Serbs. Moscow, Marti Ahtisaari consistently opposing the plan, presses that Serbs and Kosovan Albanians should understand without pressure of strangers. our position has not changed in any way: to solve a problem, it is necessary, that all parties could compound, - Andrey Krivtsov has declared yesterday zamglavy information and press department (DIP) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. - We will insist in United Nations Security Council on that the compromise eventually has been found. After all the imposed decision cannot be long-term . As Russia when the plan of Ahtisaari will be taken out on voting in United Nations Security Council will lead, mister Krivtsov has not dared to predict: When before will reach, then we will look .

Meanwhile it is necessary to wait absolutely not for long. we hope that the decision will be accepted as soon as possible. Kosovo is eight years under control of the United Nations, - the director of department of the information of acting administration of the United Nations in Kosovo Alexander Ivanko has told. - we Count that the decision will be accepted on the basis of the plan of Ahtisaari . The West will delay hardly consideration of this question. Delays can end with that Kosovan Albanians unilaterally will proclaim independence, and it can lead to conditions destabilization in edge up to renewal of the armed opposition. So the next weeks Moscow should define the line. Obviously, Russia not begins to vote for acceptance of the United Nations of offers of Marti Ahtisaari. But also veto imposing will be too radical step which will strongly complicate and so not cloudless relations with the West. a variant from the veto very melancholy. It will result in many problems, including connected with safety, - has explained the high-ranking source in the United Nations. - Russia is not present sense to apply the veto. Serbia has lost Kosovo and back will not receive. What for to prolong an agony? according to the interlocutor, even in Belgrad understand what to keep Kosovo by blocking of decisions of Security Council of the United Nations is not an exit. Moscow can save the face, simply having refrained from voting in Security Council - the U.N. official has concluded.