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Big banks have got to risk group

In 1981 in the United States of America from - for non-payments of borrowers and vysokoriskovyh operations in the financial market funds of mutual consumer crediting have started to be ruined. For eight years from 4 thousand funds 1 thousand have gone bankrupt, the general losses have made $150 billion
In February, 2001 bank crisis has occurred in Turkey . Besides deficiency of the state budget, a public debt and high inflation of one of crisis principal causes there was a high level of a non-return of consumer credits (the share of not returned loans made 17 % from their total amount). From - for crisis actives of Turkish banks were reduced to 26 %, and the sum of their losses has reached 19,3 % of gross national product of the country.

in the end of 2003 from - for problems of the largest emitters of credit cards, such as LG Card, bank crisis has shaken South Korea . In November, 2003 the share of the delayed credits made 13,5 % from total number of the given out loans (under other data - 30 %). As a result the consumer demand in the country has fallen to 6,3 %, and the volume of calculations on credit cards has decreased on 50 %.