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To kill Pavel Medvedev, the first vice-president of committee of the State Duma on the credit organisations and the financial markets is not enough

- Letters Alexey wrote even before arrest, simply them have decided to publish now. But these publications only confuse a consequence. I know Alexey many years, it the bookkeeper counting all steps forward, and it never would go on such senseless step, as the order of murder of Andrey Kozlova. And here economic crimes at Frenkel could be - bank which he headed, has been deprived the licence.

Alexey Rukavishnikov, the vice-president of board of bank the Union :

- I do not exclude that letters have served its purpose. But to any of the bankers beginning in 1990 - h years, bodies can have questions - time such was that only the few could do business fairly. Frenkel worked in bank Oil which licences for money-laundering have deprived.

Anatoly Gavrilenko, the president of the Russian exchange union:

- it is possible, to it have remembered all sins, but it seems to me that if bodies have dared at arrest, they have enough facts. I do not think that new business has appeared from - that the consequence does not have no material on the case of Andrey Kozlova`s murder.

Olga Uskov, president Cognitive Technologies:

- to Frenkel not to get out any more. From the very beginning of it named guilty though legally it has not been still proved. And if it has suddenly appeared that it not so, law-enforcement structures would lose the face, and it nobody will admit.

Anatoly Aksakov, the president of association of regional banks Russia :

- Letters have done to noise in a press, instead of in bank circles. Occurrence of new business does not surprise me. VIP - the bank had very bad reputation, therefore, when Frenkel asked me in due time about support, to help to meet Kozlovym, I have refused. And time there were problems in bank, for certain they concerned tax laws.

Vasily Duma, the councillor of federation:

- If it is guilty, business will finish. But I would not began to draw a parallel with Khodorkovsky - there other level, the politician, and here the finance, and the material on any can be found.

Vladimir Isakov, vice-president TPP:

- Our justice is not insured from errors, therefore it would not be desirable, that innocent have condemned only for uniform clearing. Frenkel`s letters - very serious material from which charge cannot wave away. They testify to not always professional work of the Central Bank, and it would be more useful to common cause if they have got on a table to the president.

Alexander Handruev, the general director of consulting group Banks. The finance. Investments the former vice-president of the Central Bank:

- In Russia it is better not to act. And quite retrain article for washing up bodies can. Article 115 was raised in single instances earlier, and now has if not mass character it is applied regularly.