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Bakers will send on free corn

As it became known , the city authorities intend to sell this year the municipal enterprise the Bread-baking complex 1 . At a rough guess, active cost will make about 100 million roubles. Now the municipal enterprise is in rent at Open Company the First bread bread letting out about 30 % in Perm. However by the time of sale of property MUP, the owner the First bread businessman Yury Borisovets can leave the grain business. By data , for it applies Russian ritejler the Seventh continent . Yesterday in the mayoralty of Perm have informed that intend to include property of the municipal enterprise the Bread-baking complex 1 in the plan of privatisation for 2007. deputies gordumy have set for us a problem to increase this year incomes of privatisation, - has explained a source in goradministratsii. - bread-baking complex Sale - the correct decision. In due time we were defined that we will not be the participant of the grain market and we not begin to regulate it. That the bread-baking complex property is in rent, prevents to develop normally to this business . In city department of property relations (DIO) have explained that intend to expose on sale MUP the Bread-baking complex 1 in 3 - 4 quarter 2007. The official estimation of property is not finished yet, according to preliminary data, its cost can make about $3,5 million

MUP the Bread-baking complex 1 till summer of 2004 supervised about 18 % of the market hleboizdely Perm, balance cost of property for December, 1st, 2003 made 37 million rbl. in the Summer of 2004 its property has been transferred in rent for 15 years to structures of the general director of a group of companies the Russian industrial alliance Yury Borisovtsa`s (RIAL) on condition that within the first 10 years in manufacture it will be invested 90 million roubles. In the middle of 2006 Yury Borisovets has united industrial complexes of a bread-baking complex 1 and a bread-baking complex 4 which at that point in time owned, and has transferred them in Open Company rent the First bread as which founders the structures also close to RIAL have acted. Now, by estimations of participants of the market, on a share the First bread it is necessary about 30 % of all baking production in Perm. About 55 % keeps the Bread-baking complex 2 (the top - management), approximately 15 % - Open Company " is supervised; the Perm bread (the top - management) is supervised. Yesterday the general director of a group of companies RIAL Yury Borisovets renting the Bread-baking complex 1 has informed that will consider possibility of purchase of industrial complex when the city will expose it on the auctions . Other participants of the market have considered that the city wants to sell the municipal enterprise the expensive. 100 million roubles is too a great sum. As much it is necessary to enclose in manufacture to the one who will get this active. As well as all baking enterprises, MUP the Bread-baking complex 1 needs reconstruction and demands the big investments - has declared the chairman of board of directors of Open Society the Bread-baking complex 2 Galina Markova. I consider, the bread-baking complex is not necessary so much. The Earth in the centre of Perm, probably, costs and is more expensive. But to divide a property complex it is impossible, after all on the auctions it will be exposed by a uniform prize: both the ground area, and the enterprise. Different factors can affect final cost of an active, for example, that the bread-baking complex actually is in a nature protection zone, - the general director of Open Company " considers; the Perm bread the deputy gordumy Oleg Shilonosov.

At the same time, according to a source in the mayoralty, Yury Borisovets is the most probable buyer of property MUP as other applicants the prisoner with RIAL, most likely, will frighten off the long-term lease of property the Bread-baking complex 1 . It is necessary to notice that in case of privatisation enterprise cost will increase also it becomes more attractive to investors.

according to one of participants of the market, with the offer to buy Yury Borisovtsa`s grain business in the beginning of year the trading network " has acted; the Seventh continent . Under the information , negotiations were tightened from - for the prices: as confirms a source , the Seventh continent offers for the First bread about $8 million, and the estimation of an active of its proprietors exceeds $10 million Vchera Yury Borisovets has not confirmed the fact of negotiations. In the Seventh continent have refused comments. But participants of the market consider such variant probable: they notice that throughout several years bread volumes of output in Perm fall.

Oleg Shilonosov has declared that the decision of mister Borisovtsa to sell Open Company the First bread it would be clear: It simply leaves from nizkorentabelnogo business to concentrate on projects of the building market .
the Seventh continent it will be fixed in the REGIONAL SUPERMARKET As the general director of the company has informed RIAL Yury Borisovets, the company the Seventh continent (develops supermarkets the Seventh continent hypermarkets Our hypermarket and Open space . - ) will lease 2,5 thousand in sq. m of floor spaces in the second turn of shopping centre the Collosseo - so-called Regional department store (GODFATHER). As he said, the contract is in a signing stage. In a press - company service the Seventh continent this fact have not confirmed, but have informed that under company plans Our hypermarket will appear in Perm in 2007. I know nothing about it, but let will try. One business - to do business within the Garden ring and absolutely another - in the Ural city - the owner of the Perm network of supermarkets " has estimated prospects of arrival of the competitor; Vivat and NormaN Vadim Jusupov. Yemelyanov`s Hope