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Twelve years for thirty ten

the Samara regional court has pronounced a sentence to grouping of Daghestanis - the car thieves who have made in region about 30 thefts of motor vehicles, including stolen VAZ - 2110 heads of the device of the Samara regional Duma of Lyudmila Durovoj. Defendants have received from 4 till 12 years of imprisonment. However the consequence and did not manage to prove communication of car thieves with law enforcement officers, under the initial data operating in arrangement with the Dagestan brigade . Yesterday the judge of the Samara regional court Olga Burtsev has announced a sentence on business so-called the Dagestan brigade Radzhaba Magomedov which hearings proceeded almost year. On a dock there were six persons, in which number - three natives of republic Dagestan. Under the version of the investigation, from July till December, 2004 defendants have made 30 stealings of cars in the Samara region. More often car thieves foreign cars, and vazovskie the models which have recently descended from the conveyor interested not: VAZ - 2110, 2112, 2114 and Chevrolet Niva. The most expensive stolen car became Toyota Land Cruiser in cost of 1,5 million roubles.
as has established the court, all roles in group have been accurately distributed: Radzhab Magomedov, Alexey Pimenov and Pavel Sergeev developed plans of stealing, transit and sale of the stolen cars. Car thieves returned a part of the stolen motor vehicles to victims (the return sum was established from $2 thousand) Or overtook in republic Dagestan under the order of clients.
the technology of stealing also has been accurately fulfilled. By means of the self-made scanner car thieves read out frequency of a radio signal of the autoalarm system, disconnected it, forced the lock of ignition and drove away the car in one of the numerous garages - sediment bowls. The car opened and stole for few minutes. For example, at the head of the device of a regional thought of Lyudmila Durovoj VAZ - 2110 have stolen, when the official for some minutes has come into shop behind products.
then on the stolen motor vehicles changed numbers, new documents, and Magomedov`s accomplices - Hadzhimurat Gadzhimuratov made on them and Shamil Murtazaliev - overtook stolen cars to Dagestan. the counterfeit certificate of the senior inspector of department on investigation of murders and gangsterism of republican Office of Public Prosecutor which protected criminals from examination of the car by employees of traffic police " was cover for drivers; - the representative of state charge Dmitry Golenkov has explained .
As have told in regional Office of Public Prosecutor, field investigators left on car thieves, punching on a database of persons, before the motor vehicles condemned for thefts. after the court authorised to a prowhisper of their telephone negotiations, militiamen knew about each step of criminals - the interlocutor in Office of Public Prosecutor has informed , having explained that the car at madam Durovoj has been stolen in that the moment, when automobile thieves already conducted law enforcement bodies. 37 - the summer native of Makhachkala Radzhaba Magomedov field investigators of a criminal investigation department have detained in Samara on December, 26th, 2004, and then have arrested also members of its gang. However four criminals are wanted till now. In the last word defendants have declared that are innocent and have asked court to appoint punishment on to the discretion . During announcement of a sentence which has occupied three hours, car thieves were closed from objectives of television cameras by newspapers. Burtsev`s judge recognised defendants guilty of fulfilment of theft by the organised group (item 158 ch. 4 criminal codes of Russian Federation), forging of documents (item 327 p.1 the criminal code of Russian Federation). As a result Radzha Magomedov has received 12 years of a standard regime penal colony, Pavel Sergeev - 10 years, Oleg Zvyagintsev and Alexey Pimenov - 9,6 years and 9 years accordingly. Hadzhimurat Gadzhimuratov has received 4 years, Shamil Murtazaliev is sentenced to 4 years of a colony - settlements. The representative of state charge has declared that is happy with a sentence. Lawyer Hadzhimurata Gadzhimuratova Vladimir Rakhmanov has declared that is not going to appeal against sentence. concerning the others the decision is yet accepted - the lawyer has explained.
it is necessary to notice that the consequence and did not manage to establish connection of car thieves with law enforcement officers which, according to preliminary data consequences, not only gave To the Dagestan brigade access to the closed databases of cars also deleted the information on the stolen motor vehicles, but promoted clearing of members OPG of a criminal liability. As have explained in the Office of Public Prosecutor, to one of the reasons was that business was investigated initially by militia. if we were engaged in it, most likely, there would be other result. Departmental solidarity " in this case has worked; - the interlocutor has underlined.
Pavel Sedakov