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“ Gazprom “ has gone under the PULLING down

Yesterday a management of Bashkiria once again has promised “ to Gazprom “ Open Society controlling interest “ Salavatnefteorgsintez “ (PULLING down). According to sources „“, such arrangement has been reached during negotiations, following the results of which chairman of the board of Open Society “ Gazprom “ Alexey Miller and the president of Bashkiria Murtaza Rakhimov have signed the cooperation agreement. According to the document, “ Gazprom “ “ will build a chain “ with variety of the enterprises of republic. However, the concern future in Bashkiria on - former depends on mutual relations of Ufa with the federal centre. Arrival of mister Miller to Ufa was outlined, by data „“, still in the end of the last year, however then it was prevented by mysterious incident: Bashkiria has cancelled at the last minute prepared “ under “Gazprom“ “ sale the PULLING down. “ Gazprom “ For a long time the PULLING down transferred to him in trust management in 2003 as modernisation of the enterprise demands $1 mlrd achieved sale of a state block of shares, and to put such sums concern it was ready, only becoming its proprietor. By the end of last year to Alexey Miller and the chairman of board of directors “ Gazprom “ Dmitry Medvedev managed to persuade, apparently, Murtazu Rakhimov to leave from 53,92 % of actions the PULLING down, and auction has been appointed to December, 22nd. But shortly before the auctions without any explanation of the reasons it has been excellent without the coordination with a management “ Gazprom “ and a package “ it is hidden “ government RB in ustavnyj fund of hastily created Open Society “ Regional fund “.
According to a number of sources „“, close to a republic management, such reaction of the Bashkir management was caused by occurrence in arbitration of a city of Moscow of the claim of Federal tax service of the Russian Federation, raised the question about transfer to the federal government of actions Ufa NPZ. To lose at once and Ufa, and salavatskie actives in republic, obviously, have not wanted, though and to terminate the contract on management the PULLING down with “ Gazprom “ too have not risked.
yesterday`s visit of mister Miller has taken place right after how Murtaza Rakhimov last week has visited on reception at Vladimir Putin. Visit of head “ Gazprom “ though and lasting no more than five hours, it has appeared rather promising for both parties. Alexey Miller who has arrived to Ufa accompanied by assistant Valery Golubeva and two trustees of Open Society - Victor Ilyushin and Cyril Seleznev, has tried to bypass, at least, on public painful questions in mutual relations with the Bashkir management. But he has let know that counts on serious preferences. Negotiations have begun with mutual compliments: representatives “ Gazprom “ have declared that, despite presence at debt republic for gas at a rate of 700 million roubles, claims they have no, and Alexey Miller has thus underlined that “„ Gazprom “always feels in republic comfortably “. “ When there is a gas, we too feel ourselves comfortably “ - Murtaza Rakhimov, and the prime minister has responded on it - the minister of republic Raphael Bajdavletov has hastened to note results of management “ Gazprom “ the PULLING down as “ positive “.
During the further discussion head “ Gazprom “ has promised “ as much as possible to satisfy demand of republic for gas “ and to increase the next years investments into republic several times, having obliged only in 2007 to enclose in building of gas networks in Bashkiria of 500 million roubles and to finish gasification level in region with present 78 to 90 - 95 %. Other investments as mister Miller has underlined, will concern first of all the PULLING down and Open Society “ polief “ which co-owner gazpromovskaja “ a daughter “ company SIBUR became in the beginning of March after has concluded together with Open Society “ LUKOIL - neftehim “ on behalf of in common founded Open Company “ Domestic polymers “ the contract on purchase of a controlling interest of this Bashkir enterprise at the Moscow company “ Selenium “. New proprietors “ poliefa “ as it has been ascertained in Ufa yesterday, intend to enclose till 2010 in its development about $700 million
Besides, mister Miller has declared to the press that “ Gazprom “ intend to build “ an industrial chain and with a number of the Ufa enterprises “. The theme of interest of concern to Ufa NPZ officially during visit, truth, did not rise any more, but as considers a source in government RB, to interest “ Gazprom “ Open Society " can first of all; Ufaneftehim “ making paraksilol - raw materials for “ poliefa “. As mister Rakhimov, in due course to this chain " has added; For the purpose of expansion of a circle of products developed in republic “ two more local enterprises - Open Society " can be connected; Soda “ and “ Rubber “. The last till the end of the year is under procedure of external supervision, but after it as have informed in the republic government, will be, most likely, under the reached arrangement is sold “ to Gazprom “. Besides, according to mister Bajdavletova, “ Gazprom “ invests more than 1 mlrd roubles in the Salavatsky thermal power station, one of the most powerful in the region, nowadays belonging “ Bashkirenergo “ as the prime minister - the minister, " has let know; by concern occurrence in the capital “ heating plants. In concern have expressed also intention to get in Bashkiria 12 GRS, constructed earlier on means of the local government.
Signed by the parties as a result of negotiations the frame agreement, truth, has included not all from these projects, having left a number while at level of intentions, and the main intrigue of stay of head “ Gazprom “ in Ufa - the destiny of a state block of shares the PULLING down - and remained not opened. Mister Rakhimov during visit has declared to the press that the enterprise republic “ has not sold, and has transferred in control “ also has underlined: “ Let while work “. But already by the end of visit other high-ranking source has assured of the republic government „“ that “ the basic arrangement on enterprise sale nevertheless is reached “ and business remains behind the coordination of details which will occupy “ it is no more month “.
In “ Gazprom “ truth, poostereglis to give the unequivocal forecast. “ The parties and earlier time and again made the big plans, but the contract of trust management with “Gazprom“, the prisoner in 1999, in 2003 has been, nevertheless, roughly terminated through court at the initiative of the Bashkir party - when she has decided to use such course as a method in political debate with the Kremlin. To restore then relations it was necessary by difficult negotiations. If and now the policy appears is more significant the business, the planned projects and can remain on a paper “ - one of representatives of a gas monopolist has underlined „“.
Ilshat Gajnullin,
Gulchachak Hannanova, Ufa