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“ Kujanovsky “ have received the maximum terms

Yesterday the Supreme court of Tatarstan the sentence has pronounced to 13 members of a gang “ Kujanovsky “ from the city of Nurlata led by their leader 37 - summer Igor Zajtsevym (Kujan). They were accused of gangsterism, murder, vymogatelstvah, thefts and other crimes. To the leader of a gang the court has appointed 20 years of imprisonment in a high security colony, the others have received from 10 till 20 years of imprisonment. Only to one member of a gang conditional punishment - has been appointed 5,5 years. Lawyers intend to appeal against sentence. Under the version of the investigation, all accused were natives from nurlatskoj an organised criminal group (OPG) “ the Piece of iron “. This grouping has arisen in a city in the end of 90 - h years in local settlement of Railwaymen. In the summer of 2003 one of active members OPG Igor Zajtsev on a nickname of Kujan has hammered together the gang from among the people most devoted to it. 12 persons have entered into it. Members of a gang have christened themselves “ kujanovskimi “. They supervised local commercial structures, in particular “ kryshevali “ businessmen-owners of fixed-route taxis, the simple local residents who were engaged in private carrying, and local shop “ Autospare parts “. Thus the gang has been not bad armed, it had pistols, automatic machines and a camouflage and even special militian car numbers of dark blue colour. “ Kujanovsky “ differed independent behaviour, they never went on any compromises with others nurlatskimi groupings, than have caused anger in leaders of underworld jugo - the east of Tatarstan (thieves` concepts - „“ there are strong). In 2004 tatarstanskie thieves “ in the law “ declared Kujana out of the criminal world, and the member of its gang Oleg Darvin has tried to go over in another OPG - he has decided to pass in grouping “ Saharovsky “. Having learnt about it, Kujan has given the order on liquidation were podelnika. The guy have stolen, have given to drink to unconsciousness, and then have drowned in the river. It has been decided to kill also and one of leaders “ saharovskih “ - certain Shaposhnikova. “ Kujanovsky “ have employed for this purpose two killers from Dmitrovgrada. In the militian form with automatic machines mercenaries have caught for Shaposhnikova at an entrance of its house. However attempt has appeared unsuccessful - the leader “ saharovskih “ having got wounds in hands and feet, could escape. Besides, under the version of the investigation, “ kujanovskie “ have made about 19 thefts. Among victims there was even one of heads of administration of New Sheshminsky area of republic, on whose cottage the touch has been made. Arrests “ kujanovskih “ have begun in 2005 when the first of them were pierced during the next theft from the house (has worked the alarm system) and have been caught. Kujan has been detained by the last in Belarus where has moved in races.
As a result all defendants have been recognised by guilty almost in all crimes incriminated to it, except for charge in abduction of Darwin. According to court, “ kujanovskie “ did not abduct it, and used such method for murder. Igor Zajtsev has been recognised by the organizer of a gang and has received 20 years of imprisonment in a high security colony. The court has appointed other defendant from 10 till 20 years also a high security. Only one of rank-and-file members of a gang Iljas Sadykov accused of participation in two thefts, has received conditional term - 5,5 years of imprisonment. Yesterday state accuser Azat Bylatov has informed „“ that remained is happy with a sentence and “ the Office of Public Prosecutor will appeal against against it hardly “. During debate on court he asked for “ kujanovskih “ terms not much more big, for example, for the leader - 25 years. But lawyers after sentence announcement have unanimously declared that “ Will unequivocally appeal against, as against terms too high, and indications of numerous witnesses from among inhabitants of Nurlata, that about any gang “Kujanovsky“ they did not hear, the court in attention has not accepted “. By the way, defendants during judicial examination the fault recognised only partially and that - only on thefts.
Andrey Smirnov