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United Russia party members have handed over the Eagle

As have informed in the Oryol regional election committee, following the results of the elections which have taken place on Sunday, in a regional council have passed four parties - an United Russia (39 % of voices), the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (23,7 %), Fair Russia (12,6 %) and LDPR (7,3 %). United Russia party members who with the account odnomandatnikov will receive 26 places, will not have the qualified majority. As a result communists (13 places together with odnomandatnikami) and esery (four) in an alliance can block work of regional Legislative Assembly. On preliminary results of elections in a regional council which were sounded yesterday by regional election committee, a seven-percentage barrier have overcome an United Russia (ER, 39 %, 12 list mandates), the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (23,78 %, seven), Fair Russia (SR, 12,6 %, four) and LDPR (7,34 %, two). Has not sufficed for passage to regional parliament of Union of Right Forces (6,98 %) a little. As to other participants of pre-election race ( National will Dempartija, Patriots of Russia ) That they could not even come nearer to a barrier through passage. On one-mandatory districts an United Russia has spent to a regional council of 14 candidates, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - six, to self-promoted workers has got five mandates. The appearance has made 50,53 %.

Results of elections have confirmed overweight of communists over United Russia party members in the regional centre where at the party in power, according to observers, was much less possibilities for use of an administrative resource. For the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the Eagle 31 % of voters, for ER - 27,9 %, for SR - 13,9 % have voted. And in March of last year on elections of the mayor - contrary to will of the provincial authorities - the promoted worker of Communist Party Alexander Kasyanov has won. Having typed 29 % of voices, it has bypassed the protege of head of the area, the first vitse - the governor and the leader of the Oryol United Russia party members Pavel Merkulov: 25,8 % have voted for it only.

Despite a convincing victory on area as a whole, United Russia party members did not manage to receive the qualified majority in a regional council (two third of the established number of the deputy case in 50 persons). Even with the account the liberal - democrats and independent odnomandatnikov ER cannot provide quorum, as a result oppositionists have a tool of pressure upon the parliamentary majority. For rendering of influence on decisions of regional Legislative Assembly eseram and to communists it is necessary to conclude an alliance. The opposition already used such tool after election in March of last year of the Oryol City Council in which United Russia party members did not have not enough three mandates for quorum maintenance. Eight communists and one member the Native land absence on sessions blocked acceptance by United Russia party members of some the decisions directed against the mayor of the Eagle of Alexander Kasyanov, the opponent of governor Egor Stroev. The situation has changed only after by-election in the City Council, taken place past autumn. As a result from six vacant mandates five have got to the loyal provincial authorities to candidates.

meanwhile during present campaign communists and esery were the main opponents. Representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation twice through court tried to remove the list Fair Russia from elections, having resorted to help ER. However, the Oryol communists and eserov are united by the extremely oppositional spirit concerning the provincial authorities and loyal United Russia party members to them which can become a basis for a tactical alliance. Obkom the Communist Party of the Russian Federation actively supports mayor Alexander Kasyanov in opposition with governor Egor Stroev. And the leader of regional branch SR Marina Ivashina is known for a long time as the irreconcilable opponent of mister Stroev: in the edition under control to it the Oryol news Repeatedly there were materials about corruption in a governor`s command, and in stay by the leader Oryol SUPPORT she publicly demanded Egor Stroev`s resignation. The first secretary obkoma the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vladimir Hahichev has declared yesterday that the question on the union with eserami will be discussed in the near future, therefore on something to make comments prematurely. In SR from reasonings on an alliance too have refrained.

according to an analyst of the Center of a political conjuncture of Russia of Oksana Goncharenko, the result shown eserami, it is quite possible to regard as success. at SR in the Oryol region was not enough powerful administrative resource, in many respects for which account United Russia party members, serious ideological base with which traditionally strong communists in region operate have won. Without such tools it is heavy to political association to count on more serious result - madam Goncharenko has noted. The doctor of political sciences Dmitry Nechaev considers that the Oryol elections have confirmed a tendency to formation in the country polutorapartijnoj systems, in which at the big party in power that is at ER, there will be no serious opponents. However, as the analyst believes, results of elections in the Eagle show that the most formed part of voters against such system which are not providing presence of controls and counterbalances.

Vsevolod Injutin; Andrey Chervakov

the Head likerki it is selected by head Mtsenska Head of administration Mtsenska, the third on value of a city of the Oryol region, on Sunday the general director likerovodochnogo Joint-Stock Company factory " is selected; the Oryol crystal Anatoly Fokin as whom local observers consider as the protege of governor Egor Stroev. It has typed 44,77 % of votes. The director of local Open Company " became the second from 30,18 %; the Module - 2 Engaged in complex building, Yury Sudarikov, and the third - the deputy of the local City Council Sergey Cheremonov (15,49 %). According to mister Fokina, during election campaign competitors have untied against it war of compromising evidences and misters Sudarikov and Cheremonov have accused the winner of use of an administrative resource. The previous mayor Alexander Tsukanov has been arrested in April of the past year on charge in reception of a bribe at a rate of 15 thousand roubles from businessman Alexander Strahova (has typed 2,33 % of voices on present elections). On July, 21st the Oryol regional court has sentenced former head Mtsenska to five years of imprisonment. Marina Ivashina has challenged elections in psihbolnitse the Leader of the Oryol regional branch Fair Russia Marina Ivashina on Sunday has addressed in regional court to challenge results of elections in a regional council on the first one-mandatory district where she tried to make a competition to the first vitse - to the governor, to the leader of local United Russia party members Pavel Merkulov. Mister Merkulov has won, having typed 41,37 % of voices, at madam Ivashinoj only 17,6 %. Meanwhile, under Marina Ivashinoj`s statement, in district the illegal polling district in territory psihspetslechebnitsy in which are treated 725 having the right has been registered to vote patients, and all of them have ostensibly voted to mister Merkulov. According to madam Ivashinoj, anybody did not know about existence of a site, except representatives of candidate Pavel Merkulov. In the statement directed to court, Marina Ivashina has demanded to recognise voting on a site located in psihspetslechebnitse, illegitimate, and its results - void. However, in regional election committee are assured of legality of elections.