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To foreign students bloody days off

In a past week-end in Voronezh have arranged there was a series of attacks on foreign students. Since evening of Friday till morning of Sunday Faris Faleh, the pupil of the Voronezh state medical academy (VGMA) Nigerian Edema Uduak Fransis and the student of the Voronezh state university (VGU) from Yemen by Al - Sharami Ali Abdus - Saleh have been beaten the student of the Voronezh state technological academy (VGTA) the citizen of Iraq. The consequence yet does not see nationalist motives in attacks on foreigners, having raised criminal cases about hooliganism. The first attack in which result has suffered 22 - the summer student of preparatory faculty VGTA the citizen of Iraq Faris Faleh, has occurred past Friday, nearby 22. 30, near the Voronezh garrison Officers` Club on the Revolution prospectus. As mister Faleh when he came back home from shop has informed inspectors, to it have approached three drunk young men and under far-fetched pretexts have started to demand to give to them foodstuff just bought by mister Falehom. After the foreigner has refused, unknown persons have started to beat his hands and feet. After some minutes the attacking have disappeared, without having taken away with itself anything. Faris Faleh has addressed in the Central district Office of Public Prosecutor, however has refused medical aid. Upon an attack on the Iraqi criminal case on ch has been brought. 2 items 116 ( Drawing of a beating from hooligan promptings ) The criminal code of Russian Federation. Next day field investigators have detained three idle young men: 20 - Simonov and Vitaly Pervushina`s summer Novel, and also 19 - summer Vitaly Berdnikov. However, arrested persons yet do not admit attack fulfilment on the foreigner.

the second attack has occurred approximately at the same time about a student`s hostel in the street Fridriha of Engels, nearby to that place where in February, 2004 the student from Guinea-Bissau by Amaru Lima has been killed. Nigerian student VGMA 26 - summer Edema Uduak Fransis became a victim of criminals. It too have attacked three unknown young men whom, without explaining the reasons, have started to beat the African hands and feet. Mister Uduak has managed to escape in a hostel. Next day he has seen some guys among whom has identified attacking on it the day before then has called in militia near a building of a hostel. The approached dress has detained two suspects specified by mister Uduakom. On Sunday the Central district Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges under the same article UK, as in the first case. Arrested persons admitted that did not count that the hackneyed foreigner will address in law enforcement bodies .

quarrel, proisshedshaja between group of foreigners and local residents in night club " became the Reason of the third attack which have happened on the night of Sunday in the street Holzunova in Northern microdistrict, presumably; Parnassus where seven representatives of the Arabian states had a rest. About the half third night between 23 - summer Yemenite Al - Sharami Ali Abdus - Salehom, the student of the second year of historical faculty VGU, and 20 - summer Palestinian Maharame Fahidom, the first-year student of the same high school, on the one hand and several other visitors - has occurred to another the conflict from - for girls to whom foreigners ostensibly stuck. Security guards of night club managed to dissolve arguing and to send mister Saleha and mister Fahida by a taxi in a hostel where they live. On road foreigners have decided to buy alcohol in one of trading pavilions in the street Holzunova. In the meantime two automobile motor vehicles which left nine guys armed with wooden sticks have approached on pavilion. They have pushed away towards Palestinian Maharame Fahida and have started to beat mister Saleha. As a result that has received a brain concussion and numerous bruises. The Office of Public Prosecutor of Kominternovsky area has brought on the given fact criminal case about causing of a beating from hooligan promptings.

as the senior assistant to the Voronezh regional public prosecutor Michael Usov has informed, the consequence yet does not consider nationalist motives of fulfilment of crimes. most likely, unmotivated hooligan tricks " took place; - mister Usov has explained, having added that on foreigners corresponding regional departments of militia are engaged in investigation of all three attacks. According to other employees the Offices of Public Prosecutor detained for attacks on citizens of Iraq and Nigeria by the kind and behaviour do not remind members of nationalist groupings. it is no wonder that have attacked, for example, the Iraqi. Business was next day after a holiday on March, 8th, and attacking, probably, simply continued it to mark - have noted in Office of Public Prosecutor.

Oleg Grigorenko

As attacked foreigners in Voronezh on February, 21st, 2004 in the centre of Voronezh the student of medical academy, the citizen of Guinea-Bissau Amaru Antonio Lima, and on October, 9th, 2005 in sport centre territory " have been killed; Olimpik - the Peruvian student architecturally - building university Enrike Anhelis Urtado. On April, 6th, 2006 the group of schoolboys of district Ostrogozhsk has cruelly beaten the citizen of Russia, ethnic Vietnamese Chan Ngok Binja who has died for the third day after an attack. In all three cases the court took out rigid verdicts. Three murderers of Amaru Lima have received from nine till seventeen years of imprisonment; recognised as the unique murderer from 13 attacking Enrike Urtado student Igor Pavljuk has been sentenced to 16 years of a colony of a high security, other participants of an attack have received from two till five years of imprisonment. Ngok Binja attacking the Tub have been condemned for the term from four and a half till seven years. Reacting to crimes against foreigners, the former regional public prosecutor Alexander Ponomarev repeatedly called local agents of national security and officials to recognise an error in struggle against extremism which have led to murder of the second foreign student in the regional centre. However those, on the contrary, reported about fast disclosing of crimes. Foreigners recognised time and again that do not feel in Voronezh in safety and do not trust local the right - ohraniteljam. According to the deputy chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Vyacheslav Bezborodov, frequently foreigners provoke criminal encroachments - live with minors, trade in drugs . Present regional public prosecutor Nikolay Shishkin and the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Oleg Hotin, confirmed in posts past year, did not face yet loud crimes because of an ethnic animosity.