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the Prime minister - minister Michael Fradkov has signed the order about appointment of state representatives in supervisory board VTB, have informed in a press - government service. According to the document, they confirm the deputy minister of economic development and trade Cyril Androsov, the chief of expert management at the president Arcady Dvorkovich, the director of department of the government Anton Drozdov, president VTB Andrey Kostin, Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin, zamrukovoditelja Rosimushchestva Yury Medvedev, the director of department of the Ministry of Finance Alexey Savatjugin, the deputy minister of the finance Sergey Storchak and the first vice-president of Bank of Russia Alexey Uljukaev.

Trading - the industrial bank of China will open a daughter in Russia
Trading - the industrial bank of China expects to open to the middle of 2007 a daughter in Russia, has informed a source familiar with plans of bank. documents on licence reception are already directed to the Central Bank. It is expected that the affiliated structure will begin work to the middle of year - he has told. According to the source, the Chinese bank already conducts selection of the personnel which will work in Russian to a daughter . Originally the bank is going to concentrate on development of corporate business.

the Gazprombank has spent appointments in a management
Eks - head Industrially - building bank and MDM - bank St.-Petersburg Olga Kazansky is appointed by the first vice-president of Gazprombank, told in a press - release of the credit organisation. Besides, the structure of board of bank included Farid Kantserov and Alexander Schmidt. Mister Kantserov is appointed by the vice-president of board of bank, and mister Schmidt - the first vice-president.