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Together could not all

Following the results of elections in Legislative Assembly of St.-Petersburg of the fourth convocation four parties have got: an United Russia Fair Russia the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and LDPR. Claims to elections were almost at all. Observers mark scope a sneer company and winners prepare for collisions for armchairs of the senator and the speaker.
in night of elections of news agency Rosbalt has collected participants of election campaign in hotel Angleter . Action has begun practically simultaneously how the municipal electoral committee declared the first data on processing of bulletins. By this time for all results of poll of voters (exit - polls), spent VTSIOMom were already known: on them left about 38 % of voices at United Russia party members, about 22 % - at eserov, 16 % - at the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and about 10 % - at LDPR. Union of Right Forces and Patriots of Russia according to sociologists, typed approximately on 5 - 6 %. Official results converged with surprising accuracy. In Angletere congratulations have begun.
following the results of elections an United Russia has received 37,37 % of voices (23 deputy armchairs), Fair Russia - 21,9 % (13 mandates), the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - 16,02 % (9 mandates), LDPR - 10,84 % (5 mandates), have not broken a barrier through passage Patriots of Russia (5,6 %) and Union of Right Forces (5,17 %). We will remind, in new convocation it is forbidden to deputies to pass from fraction in fraction. The appearance has made 33,18 %.
Fair Russia at once has started to celebrate success. Their fraction has increased on five persons. Party leader Sergey Mironov by phone has congratulated colleagues, having declared that party has shown that can resist to monopoly ` to an United Russia ` also has suggested to hope for success continuation on December elections in the State Duma. Leaders eserov have declared that regard result as an obvious victory also have there and then suggested to organise in future ZakSe the block from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.
the first three of communists as a part of Ivan Melnikova, Vladimir Fedorova and Ljubovi Egorovoj nearby also accepted congratulations: for the first time in Petersburg ZakSe will appear red fraction. But the prospect of a coalition with eserami at all has not caused in mister Fedorova of enthusiasm. And Ivan Melnikov has declared that opposes Sergey Mironov`s repeated promotion in federation Council, and it became clear that to the block much further, than could seem. By this moment the angry leader an United Russia Boris Gryzlov has already declared that promotion of mister Mironov in the senate it is excluded also has suggested it to stand from Stavropol Territory, and Sergey Mironov has answered that intends to be put forward from Petersburg and in any way differently. The second fight which is necessary an United Russia and Fair Russia - round an armchair of the speaker. Esery have declared that will put forward the leader partspiska Oksana Dmitriev, and present speaker Vadim Tjulpanov gathers for the second term. It is not excluded that there will be an exchange of posts, experts consider.
claims to voting were both at winners, and at lost, and at observers. The head of city branch Fair Russia Oleg Nilov has declared that one of its colleagues Sergey Andreev even at night during counting of votes convincingly won, but at daybreak the percent of votes, submitted for it, has sharply decreased . Andrey`s mister as a result has not passed in ZakS, and mister Nilov has promised to achieve check of a suspicious situation.
in the parties not admitted to elections the Apple and National will Cancellation of the elections are going to achieve, which their leaders consider illegitimate. we will necessarily challenge them, though not today and not tomorrow - the deputy of the State Duma Sergey Popov has promised. Valentina Matvienko will regret that has made - the leader local jablochnikov Maxim Reznik has threatened.
Many claims were at observers. I have visited pre-election staffs, have looked agitmaterialy are scandalous, unprecedented black technologies, - have shared the chairman of the council under human rights at the president Ella Pamfilova. - There are claims and to an administrative resource, to especially zealous officials in public health services and formation sphere . In all observers caused criticism the pre-election posters, remained to hang on the places in the election day despite an interdiction. However head TSIKa Alexander Veshnjakov in Moscow has declared yesterday that Serious complaints in election committee of St.-Petersburg has not arrived also the bases to call into question results of voting is not present .
While esery celebrated, United Russia party members kept silent. Visit of their leader, speaker ZakSa Vadim Tjulpanova in Angleter all it was postponed, and as a result mister Tjulpanov before journalists and has not appeared. to it now not before - its assistants explained. To United Russia party members it was valid not before . They did not take even 40 % though the party leadership put a problem in 50 % of voices. Now, if its party heads do not refuse the statements, Vadim Tjulpanov should leave an armchair of the head of the Petersburg branch of party. According to sources in ZakSe, the first analysis of flights Valentina Matvienko who has come tearing along in the Mariinsky palace on night, right after has arranged to the speaker announcements of the first results.
Following the results of elections the fraction of United Russia party members was reduced. Party members have lost seven deputies from old structure. By a new technique mandates are received by the candidates who have collected in the districts of votes more than their colleagues in the next. And in ZakS there have not passed, for example, such visible United Russia party members, as the co-ordinator of party fraction Vadim Lopatnikov and the chairman of committee on the legislation Igor Mihajlov who was, on a twist of fate, the most ardent defender of the new law on elections. From operating deputies the mandate and Vladimir Belozersky from the LDPR, almost all members of fraction " will not prolong; the Native land (going under lists Patriots of Russia ) and democrats. From 47 deputies could be re-elected only 28.
Michael Shevchyuk