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The western investors run from trade unions

Yesterday in St.-Petersburg has passed the round table devoted to influence of trade-union movement on development of economy of region. Growth of interest to this theme is connected with strikes at factory of the company of Ford in Vsevolozhsk. The authorities are afraid that activization of trade-union movement can negatively affect investment appeal of region. Trade-union figures so do not consider.
February strike of workers at Ford factory in Vsevolozhsk has forced business and power to pay attention again on necessity of dialogue between employers and trade unions. Participants of the various trade-union organisations consider that in its absence employers whom trade union existence at the enterprise brings only inconveniences are guilty. the international companies were tired to struggle with trade unions abroad and consider that here trade unions are not present or they are weak, - the chairman of trade-union committee of Joint-Stock Company " has declared on a round table; Ford Motor Kompani Alexey Etmanov, - and we learn to work at world level .
At the same time separate experts do not see global contradictions between employers and trade unions. simply concrete managers cannot agree with concrete heads of trade unions - the head of the Petersburg corporate practice of the legal company " has noted; Pepeljaev, Goltsblat and partners Sergey Spasennov. It is confirmed, basically, also with Alexey Etmanov by which words the basic claims of trade unions are addressed not particularly to the company, and hired managers who do not observe the labour legislation. an overall objective today - creation of the primary organisations at the enterprises and training of workers to laws of that country where they work - mister Etmanov has informed.
the Greatest attention is involved now with trade-union activity in the companies representing to Russia transnational corporations. After all other investors are guided by them, making the decision on placing of the manufacture in Russia. the western investors are able to talk to trade unions - Maria Chernobrovkina is assured the chief executive of the Petersburg representation of the American chamber of commerce of Russia. Nevertheless, as the chairman of the trade-union organisation of the company " marks; Katerpillar Tosno Andrey Semushin, foreign employers actively oppose the organisations of trade unions at the enterprises. So, as he said, in Tosnensky area only the trade union at factory " normally works; Henkel - Ayr where the collective labour contract is concluded, and at other enterprises of such interaction of labour collective with employers is not present. They come here with the internal documents in which it is said that they not against, but it would not be better than trade union, and on those who enters trade union, there is a pressure - mister Semushin has explained.
Vitse - the governor of Petersburg Michael Oseevsky who on a round table represented the power, has underlined that at the heart of the conflict eternal dispute between work and the capital lies, but a unique way of its decision are negotiations. when speak about investment appeal the surplus value and competitiveness of region " first of all interests; - the mister Oseevsky has noticed. And according to Maria Chernobrovkinoj, in the American chamber of commerce after strike on Ford within a week the foreign companies with questions that occurs in region called. Russia on - former is considered the country with high risks, and it has not decorated image of region, - madam Chernobrovkina ascertained. - In such situation the investor cannot count an expense which to it should be born at business development if workers demand salary increase .
However as the chairman of association of trade unions " has informed; Sotsprof Sergey Hramov, according to the International organisation of work, a wage level costs only on the sixth place in the list of the factors influencing investment appeal of region. activity of trade unions calms the western investors, - mister Hramov considers. - in trade unions they see the civilised form of interaction accepted in the West and if the trade union is not present it causes anxiety .
In Michael Oseevsky`s opinion, the special role in the decision of conflicts at the enterprises is taken away to the state. It is impossible to stand aside, - the mister Oseevsky has noted. - Strike is the extreme case showing that the mechanism of social partnership is not fulfilled . He also has urged to distinguish struggle for the rights from blackmail . As it is clear. In Petersburg variety of the large enterprises with the foreign capital of such corporations, as Toyota, Nissan, General Motors, Magna, Bosch and Siemens now is under construction. And if their workers add to the arsenal experience of workers of factory of Ford to which managed to achieve satisfaction of the requirements the city authorities should participate in the decision of conflicts at the enterprises.
Maria Mokejcheva