Rus News Journal

How to you such choice?

Dmitry Terekhin, the general director United financially - industrial corporation:
- the Same eggs, only in a profile. In general, I have not gone for the first time to lives on elections. Was not neither bright political leaders, nor parties. And to vote for Zhirinovsky as - that is frivolous.
Alexander Nevzorov, the deputy of the State Duma:
- the Normal choice. So predicted and fresh, as there is nothing to make comments. Political elections also should be such - upasi us God from bright parties and politicians. Results of elections testify to trust of a society to the power and its absolute indifference to a policy. And it too is normal. The policy should be dim and as less as possible adjoin to life.
Gennady Vetrov, the general director - the chairman of the board of Open Society energomashbank :
- Have chosen the reliable power which does our life stable and predicted. It is the most important both to banks, and their clients. I hope that all promises given to voters, will be realised.
Dmitry Karmanov, the director for strategic marketing of corporation Strojmontazh :
- quite expected. And unless there could be something another? Means, such now moods in a society. Probably, when elections pass without an anguish and intrigues, it and is signs of political stability in the country.
Igor Shadhan, the director:
- the First time I went on elections with 18 - the summer son. And the first time we were with it as equals: the power to choose we go. But on a site for voting all was awfully boring and prosy. The employee of the commission not only has not congratulated the son, but even attention has not turned for this exciting moment into his lives. In general, I still had sensation that we, voters, remained in private with pieces of paper with which help should choose the power. The only thing that has pleased, - that elections in Petersburg in comparison with other Russia have turned out all - taki more - less selective.
Dmitry Meshiev, the producer:
- Elections are not theatre, here and there should not be unexpected things. If new deputies continue the same way as former, it suits me. And that in new city parliament there is no right opposition, is a fault of the opposition, instead of voters or the power.