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The first persons

Now it became clear that decisions on dissolution of army and the beginning conceptual, unlike more pragmatical, process of clearing of state institutions from members of the former party in power ` Baas `, have made a problem of more difficult .
Such opinion the prime minister - the minister of Iraq has expressed Ijjad Allaui in the article under the name the Problems facing founding fathers of Iraq published yesterday in newspaper The Wall Street Journal. Mister Allaui recognised that these decisions were accepted from the best promptings, however they promoted suspiciousness strengthening between ethnic and religious groups and have complicated a problem of strengthening of safety . Ijjad Allaui has told that the provisional government of Iraq will soon combine the powers, however before following government stand same numerous and challenges . One of them - the national reconciliation, which achievement has been complicated by acceptance of the above-stated decisions.

mister Allaui also has declared: the Problem of a writing of the constitution is so important for us, as well as that problem which was executed by founding fathers of the USA (Thomas Jefferson, George Vashington, Benjamin Franklin and other composers of the constitution of the USA. - ). ` founding fathers ` should make ours so that the constitution guaranteed fundamental laws for all Iraqis, protected our democracy extracted by such price, and authentically reflected opinion of representatives of all ethnic and religious groups of Iraq .

Full text of article of premieres - the minister of Iraq to Ijjada Allaui read on a site www. kommersant. ru/ leaders