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Presidents have divided the general values

Yesterday the president of Russia Vladimir Putin in Bratislava has met US president George Bush. The sixteenth summit under the account of two leaders has ended, as well as all the others, - on the major note. Presidents diligently showed that their personal friendship is more important than any contradictions and disagreements. Thus on a question of principle about destinies of democracy in Russia, become by the main theme of the summit, presidents and have not agreed. With details - special correspondent ANDREY - KOLESNIKOV.
the Minister of Defence of Russia Sergey Ivanov has arrived to Bratislava on an hour before the president of Russia. In this hour he has had time to meet US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice and has signed with it the cooperation agreement in the field of control over portable surface-to-air missile systems (PZRK).

Sergey Ivanov stood in a court yard of Bratislava Hailstones where should take place negotiations between two presidents, and waited for them. On the contrary, metres in seventy, on other party of a red carpet path, Condoleeza Rice who the day before advised to mister Bush when that still was in Germany froze, and it has already arrived to Bratislava, to put on for Slovakia more warmly. She has forgotten it to make and now largely shivered on a wind.

- when you were in time agreement about PZRK to sign? - I have asked the Minister of Defence. - in this hour, apparently, hardly you will be in time from the airport to a city to reach.

- we and to talk to it were in time, - mister Ivanov has shrugged shoulders. - we after all each other know for a long time.

the Minister of Defence has told that the agreement was signed by him and madam Rice because in Russia for control for PZRK the Ministry of Defence, and in the USA - State department answers.

however, it is a lot of countries where in general anybody for it does not answer.
- you in a course of yesterday`s history? - The minister has asked. - where - that was put by two PZRK in Ukraine (see p. 10 more in detail. - ). Were - and were gone. I speak - control is necessary.

- and who will search for them? - I have asked. - you or Americans? Who for Ukraine answers now?

- we will find where - nibud, - the minister has confidently answered. - will necessarily emerge.
- in the Chechen Republic or in Iraq?
- I do not want to offend partners, - mister Ivanov has told.
I only wanted to ask, whom he in this situation considers as the partner as presidents of Russia have entered into a court yard and the USA. Madam Rice has waved to the president, but he has not noticed, as at this time has been occupied by the wife.

misters Bush and Putin still have staid pair of minutes under snow, posing for journalists, and have then passed in a palace and have begun negotiations.

mister Bush has arrived on these negotiations from the Gvezdoslavovsky area where has addressed to workers of Slovak Republic on meeting.

it has arrived to Bratislava overnight. Newspaper The Slovak Spectator before its arrival left with heading on the front page This visit will plot us! . A problem that, according to Slovaks, constantly confuse them to Slovenes. This meeting should place all in places.

all Has ended is sad. In day of arrival of mister Bush newspaper USA Today left with a card of Europe on which the country where for a meeting with mister Putin mister Bush went has fatly been led round. Alas, it was Slovenia. The Slovak journalist went with this card on international a press - to the centre and silently showed to its colleagues. Speak it could not. In the opinion of it there were tears.

when George Bush has landed at the airport of Bratislava, troubles have proceeded. Instead of adjusting the plane of the American president to a carpet path with a body - and cameras, Slovak organizers with a view of maintenance of additional safety about which observance they were warned constantly by the American colleagues, have decided that the plane should stand some time in metres of hundred from a path that corresponding services (including journalists) were prepared for work.

but mister Bush has not got used to that by its plane rulit who wants. The plane remained to be at a stop. Still half an hour organizers thought that by it to do. The American colleagues have warned them that the plane will not move a little any more, and mister Bush does not leave it. Then the decision to transfer mountain to Magometu at last was accepted. A path have curtailed and have spread again in front of plane, journalists have rearranged. Officials have passed independently. All, thus, crept this evening before mister Bush.

When the American president at last left the plane, Slovaks have removed gloves and were going to shake hands with it. Mister Bush of a glove has not removed, but greeted them with pleasure. It has However, appeared that it greets not officials, and with the persons accompanying the official. Mister Bush it is angry has asked to show it whom it should greet actually. But also when them have found, a glove has not removed. The Slovak public has paid to this attention.

next morning this public also has gathered for meeting on the Gvezdoslavovsky area. On the area passed under invitation cards. Affirmed that tickets free of charge extended among Bratislava workers at the enterprises. Besides, each interested person could receive them in the mayoralty. The part of tickets, however, most likely, cost all - taki money. Hardly workers have received tickets for the VIP - a tribune directly behind the back of mister Bush.

On meeting the American president was late approximately for half an hour. People on the area, appear, have simply died. But irritation signs was not on their persons, and in their hands there were American and Slovak tags which distributed to them at an input on the area.

- it is necessary, - one American journalist has told, emotionally smiling, - in the world there was only one country where us are glad to see!

when mister Bush at last has appeared and has started to speak, there was an unexpected. People on the area have cleaned tags and have got posters. On them it has been written: All is lie! Bush - the serial murderer! how the word ` the terrorist ` is correctly written? Write: ` Bush ` - also will not be mistaken! .

organizers have, of course, got excited with this new format for the US president. He meanwhile told sensible things. He has congratulated the Ukrainian people that that has found freedom, and also has expressed hope that in ten days the Moldavian people will be released also.

- and when - nibud and Belarus becomes free! - the American president to Slovaks has promised.

participants of a meeting on the square a dense ring were surrounded by Slovak policemen among whom there were many Blacks with obvious Texas accent. In other to a corner of the square the Antiamerican meeting at this time stormed, and its orators sometimes muffled speech of the US president. Between participants of two meetings, however, there were no antagonistic contradictions.

such impression that there were no contradictions and between participants a press - conferences. Mister Bush has told, how mister Putin warned him that in a hall there will be very many journalists. The American president to it has not believed. whence? - he was interested at Vladimir Putin. But, having entered into a hall, he was convinced that interest to Russian - to the American relations all - taki remains.

the American president was short. As he said, at negotiations presidents have agreed to protect the nuclear weapon from an attack (it now more than ever, probably, is defenceless).

- Vladimir clearly understands that lies on scales, - mister Bush has told. - it the same as also we, has appeared before necessity to be protected from serious attacks on its country (obviously, Beslan meant. - And. K ). I as the colleague - the head understand it.

Vladimir Putin it is grateful has nodded.
- we have agreed that Iran should not have a nuclear weapon, - the American president has continued.

in Northern Korea, they have agreed, too there should not be a nuclear weapon (it is necessary to execute these arrangements).

- We have agreed, what Russia - a part of the international quartet in Near-Eastern settlement (really there were doubts? - And. K ). And we have agreed to accelerate negotiations between Russia and the USA on the WTO, - mister Bush has declared.

before a meeting of everything, truth, most of all interested, whether presidents will discuss a democracy problem in Russia; mister Bush has prepared the information on it at last.

- Democracies have much in common, - mister Bush has declared. - protection of minority, a freedom of speech... We with Vladimir have not found the full consent on all these questions.

it has stopped to act and has in a pointed manner outdone itself).
- Russia is ready to reasonable compromises, - Vladimir Putin has told in the answer.
however, he meant negotiations on the introduction into the World Trade Organization.

Any claims, in its opinion, it is impossible to show and to Russian - to the American cooperation in sphere szhizhennogo gas.

- remember, - the American journalist who always asks questions at such meetings has asked the American president, - four years ago you have told that you had many doubts at the first meeting about sincerity of the Russian president, but then you have looked in eyes to this person and have understood that he can be trusted. Whether you can repeat these words? And whether can confirm what spoke before, - that Russia has descended from a democratic way?

- sometimes in the politician, - George Bush, - " has immediately answered; yes does not mean yes and is not present does not mean is not present . Sometimes yes means can be . But Vladimir - such person who speaks yes and it means yes . And is not present - Is not present .

Mister Putin, as usual, answering, said that Russia has made once the democratic choice and that this choice - definitive because it is a choice not it, Vladimir Putin, and the Russian people.

I have asked the following question. Probably, I should ask about interaction in Iran and Iraq. Probably, in a hall there were people who counted on it. But philosophical conversation on destinies of democracy was fastened, and was silly to cut it short. I have told that, in my opinion, two presidents there is nothing to divide: in both countries it is impossible to name modes democratic (especially in comparison with some European countries - for example, the Netherlands). About Russia, I and so all is clear have told, and about the USA it is possible to tell about the increased influence of special services on private life of people, for example. Yes, it has begun after September, 11th, but unless concerns democracy?

In summary I have suggested presidents to agree with all it, to shake each other hands to continue to be on friendly terms further.

It was immodest. But in the justification I want to tell that modesty on this a press - conferences nobody differed.

presidents paternal - that have disagreed. Mister Bush in general some times tried to interrupt me, gestures hinting, as so already all has understood.

he has explained that America has given to the people and nations of the world the main thing - freedom and democratic laws which allow this freedom to support.

- our country - the democratic country, - he has declared.
however, it is impossible to tell that he has at least tried to answer a question.
mister Putin too has disagreed that in Russia something not so with democracy.
- democracy not anarchy, - he, - not has declared permissiveness.
words were familiar to a pain.
According to mister Putin, an example of the Netherlands - unusual, original, but in general - that there a monarchy.

on mine - that a sight, in the Netherlands democracy which is developed so that presumes to contain to itself a monarchy.

conversation on democracy proceeded and further. Mister Bush again asserted that Vladimir says that thinks, and the main thing - that at anybody again was not in it of doubts.

the journalist of agency Interfax has asked, why mister Putin at meetings with the American president does not raise the voice in protection of the American journalists, in particular, the several employees of broadcasting company CNN dismissed recently from posts.

- I do not know, about what journalists there is a speech, - mister Bush has shrugged shoulders. - at you here who in a hall, work still is?

he smiled so is light that was visible, as it is annoyed.
- I am glad for you, - the American president to the correspondent " has told; Interfax - if you consider that at journalists in Russia all is good. This point of view too is interesting to us. I am glad to hear your editorial stand and to feel your comfort.

mister Bush was not kept from mockeries. Last question has strongly touched it. Here will take offence and will cease to protect us.