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The podzvezdnyj world

In first half of day aspects harmonious. The moon forms them with Saturn and Merkuriem, thus in the sky the equipotential triangle will turn out. This excellent time to begin with or continuations of serious affairs. It is possible to register firms, to create the enterprises, to sign contracts, including long-term. On commodity and price stock markets will arrange both the seller, and the buyer.
the similar situation will remain to 13. 30 Moscow time, and all important issues are better for carrying out till the specified o`clock, and then, under the Moon without a course, they can be continued only, without signing documents and without beginning anything new.

creative activity, employment by the literature, art also will go now successfully. Day is favorable for travel and information search.

in a life it is possible to be engaged in building and legal issues, to make any purchases, but too till a dinner.

evening hours are useless enough. It is possible to be engaged in only minor affairs.
in love and emotional sphere day is remarkable nothing. Late at night and at night the conflictness will raise.

already failures, various incidents at daybreak are possible. It is better not to go to this period already anywhere.

for health day harmonious. If necessary it is possible to be engaged in diagnostics and treatment of various diseases. Genitals, and at night - a liver and hips are vulnerable.

Arieses have possibility to stabilise business and family relations. Morning is successful for financial operations, insurance, signing of contracts.

Tauruses will strengthen the partner relations. It is possible to conclude the long-term contract. You will benefit the collective.

twins be achieved success in material sphere. Incomes can raise. There is a possibility to engage useful employees.

Cancers will achieve positive results in the decision of legal, administrative questions. Successful day for architecture and building.

lions will succeed in any of kinds of creative work. Since morning successful financial operations are possible. It is possible to shop for the house.

maidens will come into favourable business contacts. It is possible to sign labour and financial agreements, to address to the heads.

scales can make successful purchase, carry out investments. There is a possibility to strengthen the status. And here protect health in the evening.

scorpions will become successful in sports, show - business, advertising. Successful day for the international contacts and travel.

Sagittariuses can fasten contacts to interesting people, and also show the creative potential. The late evening is adverse.

Capricorns can strengthen the public association, and also expand a circle of business partners. Successful day for personal and friendly dialogue.

Aquarius be achieved success in career, a trade. The heads will be favourable to you. It is possible to shop also.

fishes will be a success in creative activity, travel and sports. Successful time for love and dialogue with children.

Thursday, on March, 3rd
it is impossible to carry This day to the favorable. Disputed aspects of Mars with Jupiter and the Sun with the Moon, and also the Moon with Uranium can lead to various incidents. Following territories are most vulnerable: the European Russia to the east from Moscow, the Volga region, Kareliya and the east of Leningrad region, the North Caucasus, Primorski Territory. And abroad - Japan, Korea, the Central Europe, the Western Africa. It concerns not only this day, but also the period to the middle of March.

Any political decision will cause the conflict in a society. In business it is possible to expect strengthening of a competition which will be conducted not always by fair and legal methods. And under the Moon in the Sagittarius conflict situations can accept the international character. To make responsible transactions, to carry on negotiations, to sign important documents this day it is undesirable.

Intense day for any trips, especially on motor transport. There will be many failures.

strengthening of disagreements in a family, conflicts of pupils and teachers is possible. Only late at night the situation becomes more favorable, including for dialogue, love and trips. Night time can be useful to the employment connected with spiritual sphere.

playing sports in such intense days helps to operate energy. However it is necessary to consider that the probability of traumas is high, and the most risky exercises are better for excluding. Problems and with mutual understanding in a command are possible. And in an organism are vulnerable a liver and hips.

Arieses will face problems at attempt to expand sphere of the influence in business and other spheres. Difficult day for travel and study.

Tauruses since morning should be more careful with bureaucracy and the finance. And here evening hours favour to creative activity.

twins should finish a certain stage in professional sphere. And now it is not necessary to start new affairs.

Cancers will face problems with technics, electrodevices. In love also it is not necessary to count on success. It is possible to devote evening to art.

Lvov can involve in the household conflict. Restrain the arrogance, but not be too trustful.

maidens can meet complexities in personal relations and in family affairs. And in monetary sphere struggle is necessary, only do not run into passion.

scales will face bureaucracy and a formalism. In a family conflicts can flash. Protect the house from a fire.

at Scorpions problems with study and travel are possible. The conflict on ideological soil or from - for money is possible.

Sagittariuses are in a difficult situation. To you threaten both physical dangers, and psychological difficulties.

Capricorns should avoid not clear, not clear situations. Adhere to the usual way of life and do not risk, be not torn upward.

At Aquarius household difficulties and complexities on trips are possible. Especially on motor transport.

fishes can be all the day long in pressure, especially on work. And evening is quite favorable.