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the Economic chamber of the Supreme court of Ukraine has considered cassation representation of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the country with the request to cancel the decision of the higher economic court on a recognition of lawful privatisation of Open Society Krivorozhstal because earlier it has been admitted ignoring by courts of infringements of the laws admitted at privatisation of industrial complex . The court has decided to comply the request of Office of Public Prosecutor and has submitted the case to economic court of the first instance.
VTB and PSB (SPb) will unite till the end of the year
the Vice-president of board Vneshtorgbanka (VTB) Igor Zavyalov has declared that association VTB and Industrially - building bank (PSb) will come to the end this year. As he said, the permission to purchase of a blocking package of Promstrojbanka is received by us. The agreement on purchase of 75 % of its actions is already signed .

BBH merges the Ukrainian beer
the Largest player of Russian beer market Baltic Beverages Holding (BBH) intend to unite the Ukrainian actives in one enterprise. It was declared by the president of Open Society pivobezalkogolnyj industrial complex ` a Slavutich ` (Zaporozhye) Peter Peretjatko. BBH owns Open Society controlling interests PBK ` a Slavutich ` Open Society the Lvov brewery and also beer factory a Slavutich entered in June, 2004 in Kiev. Now BBH spends buying up of actions at labour collective. Mister Peretjatko has not excluded that after transfer of all three factories into the uniform action the holding leaves on stock market. In turn analysts are assured that the declared consolidation - the first step before association of all actives BBH, in which number such large enterprises, as Baltic and JArpivo .

Start with Sea Launch has taken place from the fifth attempt
From the floating platform Odissey of international sea cosmodrome Sea Launch placed in an equatorial part of Pacific ocean, from the fifth attempt " carrier rocket started; Zenith - 3SL with the American companion of digital broadcasting XM3 - Radio . Device start has managed to the customer, company XM Satellite Radio broadcasting transmissions on territory of the USA, in $90 million

the Court has removed tax claims
the Gomel regional economic court has passed the decision to stop business without consideration in essence concerning the enterprise the West - Transmineral oil (branch Russian AK Transmineral oil ) Under the claim of inspection of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection (IMNS) on $12,4 million Decision was based on Mozyrja on that in 2004 Russia and Belarus have signed the bilateral report on a recognition of the Russian property right on passing on territory of Belarus the main oil pipelines.