Rus News Journal


the president of Open Society the Russian railways (Russian Railway), will take part in session of board of directors of the company, on which the concept of creation of the Federal passenger company will be considered (told about it on January, 21st and on February, 8th) and results of work of Open Society of the Russian Railway in 2004.
Vahid Alakbarov ,
president NK LUKOIL, will make a working trip to St.-Petersburg where will discuss with the city governor Valentina Matvienko and the governor of Leningrad region Valery Serdjukovym cooperation prospects.

Sergey Plastinin ,
the chairman of the board of Open Society Vimm - the Bill - Dann - Foodstuff participates in conference the Food-processing industry as object for investment . With reports Sergey Seryogin and the chief of department of department of the taxation of profit (income) of Federal tax service Vladimir Murzin will act also the head of department food and process industry of Federal agency on agriculture.

Garegin Tosunjan ,
the president of Association of the Russian banks, will address to conferences on a theme Bank retail: tendencies and prospects. World experience and the Russian practice .

Vladimir Tarachev, Alexander Beskrovnyj and Andrey Podojnitsyn ,
the committee-man on the financial markets and the credit organisations of the State Duma, the head of department of regulation and control over collective investments of Federal Agency of the financial markets and the president of National league of managing directors, participate in conference Investment funds in the real estate market: new tendencies .

Anatoly Yanovsky ,
the director of department of thermal power station Minpromenergo participates in two-day international conference on a theme Export of oil and oil products from Russia .

Pavel Lysenko ,
chairman of the board Impeks - bank, will take part in annual meeting of shareholders of bank.