Rus News Journal

Game rules

in Russia for July, 1st, 2005 will make Passing stocks of grain 11 - 12 million t. With such forecast the vice-president of the Russian grain union Alexander Korbut has acted. We will remind that last year passing stocks were much more low and made 7 million t. Mister Korbut has noticed that internal consumption of grain in this connection it is necessary to develop its export actively practically does not grow in Russia. if we do not develop grain export, there will be no stimulus for increase in its manufacture in Russia as the prices will fall. We already now observe reduction of prices on grain that is very bad before a sowing campaign - the vice-president of the Grain union has declared. Meanwhile the situation with export of the Russian grain on - former remains strained. As already wrote (number from February, 28th see), yesterday has expired the three-monthly term allocated with the government on liquidation of Rosgoshlebinspektsii (RGHI). Meanwhile the Federal customs service refuses to make out export deliveries of grain without a presentation of certificate RGHI. Under the information, exporters of grain from the Rostov region and Krasnodar territory managed to prolong certificates for a month. In other regions export deliveries of grain on - former are stopped.

oil duties go on a record
the Export duty on oil since April, 1st, 2005 will be established at a rate of $102,6 for ton. According to a deputy head of department of customs payments of department of a tax and customs policy of the Ministry of Finance of Alexander Sakovicha, this figure is received, proceeding from the average price for oil in January - February, 2005 which has made $40,47 for barrel, or $255,44 for ton. The representative of the Ministry of Finance has noticed that this maximum value of the duty which when - or was applied in Russia. From December, 1st, till January, 31st, 2005 the size of the duty made $101 for ton. For the period from February, 1st till March, 31st in connection with some falling of the prices for oil in the world market it has been lowered to $83 for ton. Now the prices in the market have again increased.