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The carriage has got under way

Yesterday the Petersburg factory of Joint-Stock Company Vagonmash has transferred to test works the first train of the underground for the Kazan underground. The structure was accepted personally by the mayor of Kazan Kamil Iskhakov and all management Kazan metrostroja. However, in capital of Tatarstan cars will arrive only in May, and into a system will enter in the end of August of this year as the biggest gift by an anniversary. Factory Vagonmash has won the tender for delivery of cars to under construction underground of Kazan in the spring of 2004. The project in cost 1,5 mlrd roubles was financed from the federal budget. Subsequently the Petersburg enterprise has signed the contract with the Czech company of Skoda for the sum of 300 million crones in which frameworks Czechs were obliged to develop design and to put the electric, pneumatic and additional equipment for forty Kazan cars. According to representatives Vagonmasha The mayor of Kazan personally supervised a course of performance of the order. By a millenium of Kazan in Petersburg will construct five structures of trains for the underground on four cars in everyone, other five trains will be made after obkatki the first party.
At the solemn ceremony which has taken place yesterday in Petersburg on Vagonmashe mister Iskhakov did not hide pleasure from the received result, underlining that the train for the Kazan underground has no analogues in Russia. The technological novelty consists, in particular, in application of an asynchronous drive that allows structure to work on an alternating current and to save, thus, the electric power. Besides, structure work is supervised by onboard computers, in each car five kinds of communication with the machinist are established. Cars are made from nonflammable and trudnogorjuchih materials, internal furnish is executed by fibreglass and metalloplastom. The train has also lower noise level in comparison with technics used now in the Russian undergrounds.
mister Iskhakov together with the chief of the municipal unitary enterprise the Kazan underground by Asfanom Galjavovym could be convinced of quality of a new train personally. While they examined cars, other members of delegation have not failed to be photographed against a train. Singularity of cars have tested on itself and the Petersburg journalists: the operator of one of TV channels, zazevavshis, has unintentionally struck the chamber about the vertical hand-rail standing in the middle of the car opposite to entrance doors - a detail, in Petersburg metropoezdah absent.
on a press - conferences after ceremony Kamil Iskhakov has told that to 1000 - letiju cities which will be marked in August of this year, in Kazan will work only five trains. it is necessary, that the city community adapted for a new type of transport - he has informed. While people will get used, the Kazan mayor has added, the city will order Vagonmashu five more structures. Answering a question on fare, mister Iskhakov has declared that it is not defined yet, but, apparently, from political reasons will be same, as well as for ground transport. The general director of State Unitary Enterprise the Petersburg underground Vladimir Garjugin has informed that lowered yesterday from building berths the structure will go for test works to the underground of Northern capital. It will reach Kazan only in May, and during the same time the second train to which should undergo similar procedure of check will be let out.
yesterday it was found out that the Kazan trains will have one more, not written down in contracts and specifications, difference from the colleagues . The General director of a management company Dedal in which enters Vagonmash Sergey Kijashko has suggested to name a train, having noticed that it is worthy bolshego, than simple serial number. Mister Iskhakov who before has given names all working in Kazan tonneleprohodcheskim to complexes, promised to think.