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Murtaza Rakhimov has exposed conspirators

Yesterday, acting at a private meeting of State meeting of Bashkiria, the president of republic Murtaza Rahimov has declared that certain the deputies representing toplivno - a power complex have made an attempt to displace from a post of the speaker of parliament Konstantin Tolkacheva. By name conspirators have not been named, but many members of parliament believe that at the head of revolution attempt there was a unique son of the Bashkir president Ural Mountains Rakhimov. However, some oppositionists have counted plot exposure the performance directed on improvement of image of the head of republic in the opinion of the Kremlin. Preparation for revolution as it became known from a source in the Bashkir management, has begun last week when a little large heads of local thermal power station have offered Konstantin Tolkachevu heading the Bashkir parliament since 1999, voluntary to combine power. The speaker has refused, then among deputies petition for removal to it of a vote of no confidence has begun. As some deputies have told yesterday, the initiative conspirators explained to that the management of Bashkiria loses control over a situation, the decision of all serious questions is taken away to itself by the federal centre, the speaker for a long time solves nothing that is why to republic it is necessary the new strong leader . The special piquancy of a situation was given by that fact that as such the new leader the son of the president Ural Mountains Rakhimov whom the father has put in the end of 90 was called - h years to supervise Bashkir neftjankoj and which, having selected in republic State meeting, has actually headed in it an oil lobby .
However instead of necessary for displacement of the speaker of 60 voices to conspirators it was possible to collect only nearby 40. Having understood that the necessary number of supporters it is not typed, opponents of the speaker have made an attempt to break yesterday`s session on which were not more than 20 deputies. But it nevertheless has taken place, and the first Murtaza Rakhimov who not only has confirmed the fact preparing " has exacted a promise; revolution but also has sharply condemned petition for resignation of the speaker. All this dangerous game occurred behind my back, being covered with my name and ostensibly my commissions - the president has declared, having underlined that actually he did not approve displacement of the mister of a Tolkachyov and considers it the worthy politician .
After that a little subscribed for resignation of the speaker from a tribune have confessed in the error. For example, the deputy Krylov`s Hope has asked it to forgive, as its signatures have achieved, threatening with dismissal to its relatives. Passions were heated to such degree that the offer has sounded even to put to the mister to a Tolkachyov round-the-clock protection.
However, conspirators pofamilno so anybody also did not name: the president has designated them only as group of deputies from toplivno - a power complex of republic and one of members of State meeting has specified that it is a question of people`s choices absent at yesterday`s session. But journalists have there and then found out that to both these conditions four members of parliament satisfy only: the chairman of board of directors Bashkirenergo Ural Mountains Rakhimov, the general director Bashkirnefteprodukta Rustem Ishalin, the general director Bashkirenergo Nikolay Kurapov and the head of Open Company Institute of regional economy and the right (it operates actives Ufa NPZ) Victor Gantsev.
basically, that mister Rakhimov - the senior is dissatisfied with some actions of the son, anything surprising is not present. Recently in local authorities lobby have started talking that Murtazy Rakhimov`s activity even more often began to enter into the contradiction about business - interests of his son. Said also that the scheme of privatisation Bashkir neftjanki Rakhimov has spent Ural Mountains without the special coordination with the father. In the extremely awkward position mister Rakhimov - younger and in the history with debts Ufa NPZ on so-called " has put the father; Baikonur to schemes of leaving from taxes: the president of Bashkiria had to recognise publicly one of these days necessity to pay 12 - the milliard debt to the budget formed, as a matter of fact, as a result of activity of his son, supervising work of factories at the time of Baikonur an offshore.
another matter that public a beating let and at a parliament private meeting, anybody from the president did not expect. However, in an estimation of yesterday`s scandal local politicians disperse. Many in a management of Bashkiria consider that mister Rakhimov - younger has really solved to strengthen the regional power by capture spikerskogo armchairs to try to keep control over a petrocomplex and over property repartition in republic on a case of any Kremlin unexpectedness . And though yesterday president Rakhimov has confirmed that intends to remain at the head of Bashkiria before the expiration of the powers in the December, 2008, some analysts do not exclude that Murtazu Rakhimov all - taki will compel to raise the question ahead of schedule about trust, and on the statement of parliament Vladimir Putin will present already other nominee.
at the same time local oppositionists are inclined to consider yesterday`s scandal it is thin the planned scenario . After all from - for conversations on the son wilfully disposing Bashkir TEKom, Murtaza Rakhimov has appeared in rather unprofitable light in the opinion of the Kremlin. And by such public floggings The Bashkir president, according to opposition, tries to take away from itself suspicions that family interests for it above state and by that to raise chances of reassignment on new procedure.