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the Author of the book Swine has let out the collection of stories the rescue Plan . Basically it is possible to present prose writer Dmitry Gorchev executing the satirical miniatures from a scene. Its texts as though aspire to oral pronouncing: very much it is a lot of here interjections. Besides are often written as are heard, and capital letters are not always observed. That is for certain connected with the Internet stylistics: glance in forums - there zhi - shi otherwise as with a letter y do not write. Here, on the Internet, also the audience of writer Gorchev which has started to be published about five years ago and so more and more the texts hangs out in electronic form lives.
the width of subjects of its stories is comparable to the Internet pantophagy also: from pictures ideal miroustrojstva to small sjuzhetikov with Bill Gates`s participation ( Beat Gejtsa ) Vladimir Sorokin or Nikolay Patrushev. The author will explain, in what a difference between the loser and the loser also will advise what to do, to continue a human race. The intonational degree skips from page to page: that narration is conducted on behalf of the tired observer suddenly bomzhevatyj the city madman unexpectedly puts and something shouts the in emptiness.

but, probably, the Petersburg author cannot recruit ranks of television humorists. All business in a format: Gorchev has two artistic touches which do not presume to itself even Zhvanetsky with Grishkovtsom. In - the first, it is a floor-mat, and in - the second - intertekstualnost. That is near to a word from three letters will necessarily blossom any tsitatka from Edgara On. For example, the cock has uttered a crow - morning at us, the raven karknul - nevermor has come . Gorchev`s stories are with all the heart seasoned by obscene lexicon. Here try clean this gorchinku - there are only fresh thoughts and images. Besides it is interesting to present, as the same Zhvanetsky`s reprises will look, remove there gorchevskie cheerful words. But in general - that a floor-mat here not for an ornament. All this obscene language any derganaja and nervous. Probably, the matter is that such prose going on nakatannym to ways of tradition of Venedikta Yerofeev, is calculated on same, as well as at the author Moscow - Cockerels general worship. But the train - that has left since then. Now the spectators who have come in the stead to readers of Yerofeev, worship to Petrosyans. Here at not understood literary satire for insult matjugi on all body also pour out.

the story about vital necessity of a floor-mat was included into Pantelejmona Romanov`s which has left in a series " the collection; the Anthology of satire and humour of the XX-th century . Here satirical stories of the author of an epopee " are collected; Russia and some texts are published for the first time. It seems, authors of the past and should satisfy today`s satirical hunger. And Pantelejmon Romanov published now, and new Chekhov - simply Chekhov will be new Zoshchenko. And so, at one factory have decided to struggle with the taken roots habit to swear bad words : began to raise penalties. As a result of experiment work has stopped, as any explanation managed worker not less than in rublevku . And so have not surrendered yet and did not declare abuse technically necessary . In other story of those whom jars on such a native language in general at once declare foreigners. Here already also there is one criterion on which rules of new life will be established. Pantelejmona Romanov`s stories also should fix this formation tirelessly. Even if anything good in this new reality it is impossible, and more often and occurs.

When Romanov describes infinite expectation, its realistic stories start to drift aside sjurrealnogo. Here one structure to the full filled by passengers, does not get under way in any way from a place. Here other turn at station waits will not wait, when will submit a train. But the train will not be, because has fallen off any nut . Here still the people cost in cash desk - there and then it is possible to buy for a while babies to pass out of turn. On someone have palmed off already grown up ditenka - and out of turn it has not turned out. In senseless establishments people go from a floor on a floor so anything and without having achieved. Slobodsky muzhichki sit on a zavalinka and interpret about the heads and too for nothing. Our people in " stray; labyrinths of the new validity .

the Author obviously guessed that these wandering - the phenomenon completely not time. About it its program story Russian soul (1916), the opening collection. Professor Andrey Hristoforovich Vyshnegradsky goes to far village to visit the brothers Nikolay and Avenir: the educated city dweller, young-looking gloubtrotter cannot find common language with impenitent in the natural lives relatives. At it - progress, discipline and culture. At them - open space, desolation and spirituality. It does in the mornings gymnastics, they in 40 years look old men and never treat teeth ( If at them teeth fell ill, they tied all head with woollen scarfs, climbed on a wall, groaned at night and put, according to the advice of the aunt of the Linden, to an elbow a horse-radish ) . Pantelejmona Romanov`s heroes are our favourite Chekhovian cheloveki any ten years later. Present, what vigorous and progressively adjusted professor Serebryakov would be met by fallen toothless uncle Vanja and the Sleepyhead who has grown fat to impropriety - on whose party there would be sympathies of readers, promise them though the sky in diamonds?

this change was perfectly felt, for example, by attentive reader Pantelejmona Romanov Alexander Solzhenitsyn. As a whole positively having estimated romanovskuju satire, he named the story Russian soul weak, and its title - propaganda . Alexander Solzhenitsyn has appeared is dissatisfied with that the priest is represented not behind a prayer, and behind a gluttony. And at the same time has taken offence for Nikolay with Avenir. Be its will, it would force rural heroes to brush teeth and do gymnastics. But it is no more, after all the main thing - open space and spirituality! And the professor start up go to the abroad.

Dmitry Gorchev. The rescue plan. SPb.: an amphora, 2005
Pantelejmon Romanov. The anthology of satire and humour of Russia of the XX-th century. Volume 34. M: eksmo, 2004