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Anatoly Lisitsyn became lawful accused

Yesterday Moscow City Court has rejected the appeal of lawyers of the governor of Yaroslavl region Anatoly Lisitsyn, recognising as lawful the decision on excitation concerning the first person of area of criminal case under article Excess of powers of office and about attraction of the governor as the accused. The subscription about nevyezde also has held good, though the question on it at this session of court was not considered at all.
Moscow City Court session has begun with performance of lawyer Michael Kuznetsova, asking to recognise Basmanny Court decision (it has been taken out on January, 14th this year) on excitation of criminal proceedings and attraction of governor Lisitsyn as accused by the illegal. The head of area at session was not present. From performance of mister Kuznetsova followed that Basmanny Court where the complaint of lawyers to actions of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, " was considered; to put it mildly, did not read our complaint . Mister Kuznetsov has made such conclusion from this that in materials of court the surname of the governor has been some times written with a spelling error: instead of y the judge wrote a letter and . Besides, the lawyer of governor Lisitsyn asserts that criminal case concerning its client has been raised without dosledstvennoj checks, and the representative of the State Office of Public Prosecutor could not deny protection arguments in court, and without naming neither signs, nor structure of a crime of mister Lisitsyn. According to lawyer Kuznetsova, as an occasion to prosecution of its client check of Crewe of the Ministry of Finance across Yaroslavl region in the spring of 2004 in which course management has revealed " has served; a number of insignificant lacks of work of administration of the region in general also recommended them to correct .

we Will remind that by results of that check the senior assistant to the public prosecutor Alexander Kizlyk has written to the management the official report which has laid down in a basis of criminal case of mister Lisitsyn. In particular, as inspectors of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the governor " believe; deliberately exceeded the powers of office for the purpose of reception of possibility of an uncontrolled expenditure of means of the regional budget having signed the law About stimulation of economic development of Yaroslavl region accepted in April, 2001 a local thought. This law, under the charge version, untied hands to the governor at allocation of budgetary subventions to the commercial enterprises of Yaroslavl region. Besides, in fault to mister Lisitsyn that all registered in territory of area to the enterprises which have exceeded following the results of year planned indicators on payment of the profit tax, 80 % of the sum enlisted in the regional budget ostensibly came back is put. In total inspectors of the State Office of Public Prosecutor have counted that, exceeding the office powers, governor Lisitsyn has put to the area a material damage in 1,5 mlrd rbl. As a result of June, 1st, 2004 criminal case has been brought, and accused mister Lisitsyn became on August, 20th.

as lawyer Kuznetsov has declared to the correspondent, by the present moment the State Office of Public Prosecutor from the list of charges to the governor has already removed, for example, the harmful law ` About stimulation of economic development `, and also the claims connected with repayment at the expense of means of area of debts ` Jarhimpromstroju ` for custom-made regional administrations of work at airport Tunoshna . Under the expert opinion presented to Moscow City Court, excess of office powers by the governor and regarding subventions to commercial structures does not prove to be true, - the defender has noted. - It was found out that those enterprises with which these subventions were allocated, actually are donors of the regional budget .

However court, having listened to both parties, nevertheless recognised the decision on excitation of criminal case and the status in it the Yaroslavl governor lawful.