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Doctors have released podobru - pozdorovu

As a result of scandalous business of doctors MKTSOD and 20 - j city hospitals the quantity of operations on a spare-part surgery was reduced three times. The director of scientific research institute of transplantology and artificial organs (its supplier just and is MKTSOD) has told about it Valery Shumakov. if in 90 - e years in Moscow it was carried out on 350 operations in a year, - academician Shumakov has declared, - that in 2004 from - for these stories them have made less than 100. And this with the fact that annually a spare-part surgery need about 5 thousand Russians .
Valery Shumakov considers that similar criminal scandals can be avoided in the unique way: that who wants to give after death the bodies needing, it is necessary to put in the passport a stamp It agree and that who does not want, - it do not agree . Simultaneously with it it is necessary to create uniform registration base for otkaznikov .

Now in Russia operates Consent presumption . That is the law does not oblige doctors to ask relatives of the dead the consent to a fence of bodies and if those do not express the disagreement surgeons have a just cause to start body withdrawal. As well as doctors MKTSOD and 20 - j city hospitals have arrived.