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The Moscow deputies have not followed the tastes of horses

Yesterday in Moscow City Council has passed the first session of working group on working out of the city code about administrative offences (KoAP). In a present condition the code suggests among other to fine citizens for wrong transportation of horses and a finding on parking place in a state of intoxication . Deputies during discussion have revealed such quantity of legal discrepancies that the working group has decided to develop and present absolutely new edition of the code within a month.
to unite set of administrative certificates in the uniform code as it is made at federal level, members of fraction " have solved; an United Russia in Moscow City Council. we want to reduce together more than fifty laws. While they exist separately, any lawyer not in a condition to hold them in a head - the author of the bill, the chairman of committee on the legislation Alexander Semennikov has explained. Yesterday the code has been presented on court of representatives of the working group consisting of employees of departments of the capital government and deputies. no haste by law working out will exist, it is necessary to liquidate contradictions in the capital legislation - with these words there has begun session the head of working group mister Semennikov.

the Law too volume, is more half of articles duplicate federal KoAP - the adviser of the Center of lawmaking of Moscow Vadim Balytnikov has stated fear. During discussion also it was found out that authors of the code often refer to nonexistent norms for which infringement it is planned to fine. in the code it is told about infringement of the established rules of delivery of free and preferential recipes, but, excuse, such rules are not present - the expert of department of public health services Vladimir Ershov has shared reasons. Problems have arisen and with rules of sale of printed matter of erotic character. In the federal legislation there are no accurate formulations of erotic editions and even if and were any edition of in such status would not register - mister Balytnikov has noticed. Article about infringement of rules of the organisation of taxi transportations refers on nonexistent while the term ` taxi transport `, - the representative of department of transport and communication Nikolay Melnikov has noted. - in the transport legislation now full vacuum in respect of terminology, therefore it is necessary to meet and solve separately these questions .

And what you will tell concerning infringement of rules of transportation of horses at night? - mister Semennikov to experts of department of transport and communication has addressed. we do not have practice of work with loshadmi at night, - mister Melnikov admitted. - any complaints or references to us did not arrive. And who initiated these rules who signed them? The mayor - the head of working group has answered. the mayor - the initiator " means; - mister Melnikov under laughter of participants of session has summed up. what will you tell about the actions connected with diving and capture of the bathing? It is necessary to fine for it? - mister Melnikov has asked participants of discussion, however again the laughter in a hall was the answer only.

rough discussion was caused by the penalty for damage of green plantings. Representatives of association of administrative inspections of the government of Moscow insisted that it is impossible to take the identical penalty for metre of the trodden lawn and for ten cut down trees, it is necessary to make a plug . In many countries the penal plug in laws is not used for a long time, - Tatyana Kodelsky has entered discussion the expert of department of wildlife management. - In Turkey for cutting out at least one tree the penalty already $10 thousand .

mister Semennikov has promised Dispute in what has not resulted, and to consider all offers in the subsequent work on the law. to bring such quantity of amendments simply it is not meaningful, we will prepare the new bill in exchange already brought taking into account the offers which have sounded today at session - mister Semennikov has told. Within a month we will prepare a new variant of the code, and in the first reading it will be considered not earlier than autumn - the head of working group already after the session termination has explained.