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The art reflexotherapy

In the State centre of the modern art has opened an exhibition the Reflection . It is the first conceptual international project made in at last - that the new space GTSSI which has earned at the full capacity. IRINA who has visited at an exhibition - KULIK was afraid to stick in intellectual reflexions, but instead has admired live ballerinas and has much seen enough in mirrors.
as thinking about thinking or art about art it is possible to consider a reflexion as the basic quality of the Moscow conceptualism which the majority of the Russian participants of an exhibition concerns. Besides the name almost inevitably sends to typical line of Russian intelligency - a reflexion zaela . Certainly, Andrey Monastyrsky`s old enough work the Branch - passed through hanks of a sticky tape a clumsy bough accompanied by an inscription: Whatever fragment from articles of Shtokhauzena about Veberne I here used, all the same it there would be, as they say, ` not that music `, ` not absolutely that ` and etc. quite approaches to show inescapable germetizm kontseptualistskoj to a cultural reflexion. And Yury Lejdermana`s installation Where - that there I was the muzhik testifies that the present conceptualist can reach so esoteric incomprehensibility, even working with own, quite typical intellectual complexes.

but in general - that curators, as well as the majority of artists, have preferred literal perusal of a word a reflexion - reflexion . Even the invitation card has been made of a mirror silver paper. At an exhibition of mirrors also was enough. Vadim Zaharov has made specially for an exhibition installation Dance with me . Located at level of the person a round pocket mirror with the pasted brush of moustaches and two metal handles sticking out of a wall created an image of the ideal partner, capable to satisfy a general narcissism. And Pavel Peppershtejn has resolutely exposed a myth about the tempting world behind the looking-glass, having veiled walls set of the mirrors turned by a deaf, nonreflecting underside. However, wrong sides of mirrors - round and rectangular, ancient and new, expensive or cheap - resembled amusing image meeting of various pictures: from kitchevoj the beauty decorating a manual ladies` pocket mirror, to monochrome abstractions or avant-garde collages from a cardboard and plywood. Asceticism peculiar to conceptual art has with interest expiated Yury Albert who has driven on an exhibition the whole flock of live ballerinas in multi-coloured packs as from pictures of Degas`s unexpectedly glamour project, unperturbably making the ekzersisy in a corridor of curve mirrors from laughter rooms .

to Every possible distortions and perception transformations works of the western participants of an exhibition have been devoted also, to mirrors preferring a photo or video. German artist Ingo Gerken confirms again efficiency of game with the scales, known from the cinema first steps: the real city kind seems a Lilliputian landscape thanks to the huge hand which has arisen in the foreground. The Polish artist Sjuzanna Yanin investigates the power of cultural stereotypes: in its video even scenes of suicides and violent deaths are shown that with the discharged aestheticism of advertising, with the academic height of classical art. And Swiss Emmanjuel Antil recreates the world behind the looking-glass on duty kitchevyh erotic fantazmov - quite in the spirit of the films which heroine is its namesake.

in a word, a reflexion at an exhibition of nobody zaedaet . Any impassable for general public kontseptualistskih a jungle. To old-fashionedness the intellectual name appears a pun, quite witty and graceful. And that the modern art can work not only with a refined reflexion, but also with unconditioned reflexes, the installation of Irina Korinoj included in the project " convinces also; Urangst : to the spectator balancing on enraged floor boards of the unsteady parquet and besides trying to follow a video projection to a ceiling, it is obvious not to reflexions - here a neck not to break, instead of a head.