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Uolter the Anderson left from taxes in space

past Monday the head of telecommunication company Orbital Recovery Corp. Uolter the Anderson has appeared before magistratskim court districts of Columbia (USA) on charge in non-payment more than $200 million taxes. The Office of Public Prosecutor speaks about the biggest evasion from payment of taxes by the private person in the history of the country also promises to the mister to the Anderson of 80 years of prison.
Uolter the Anderson heading since 1992 telecommunication company Orbital Recovery Corp., has received popularity first of all thanks to the project so-called a satellite tow which has been presented them in the autumn of 2002 at the Parisian conference on satellite communication financing. The auxiliary companion under name SLES should give the chance to owners of orbital companions to prolong life of the expensive devices on 10 - 15 years, making their refuelling directly in an orbit. However the project for the sake of which, actually, also has been organised Orbital Recovery, and has not been realised from - for nerealistichnosti the offered technological scheme.

the second fact of the biography of the mister of the Anderson known to the wide public - company Mir Corp basis., privatisation of the Russian orbiting station " was which overall objective; the World with its subsequent transformation into an attraction for well-founded tourists (wrote about it on January, 15th, 2000). Mir has financed three starts transportno - the cargo ship Progress from Baikonur on the World however as a result, as it is known, the project on resuscitation the World has come to grief, as Russia has made the decision on station flooding in March, 2001.

head Orbital Recovery has been arrested past Friday at airport Dallesa near Washington where it has arrived by the private plane from London. According to an official statement of representatives of branch on struggle against tax crimes of department of justice of district of Columbia and federal tax service of the USA (IRS), 51 - summer Uolter the Anderson is accused of non-payment of taxes in federal treasury of the USA at a rate of $170 million, and also in treasury of district of Columbia at a rate of $40 million where, except the tax from profit, he did not pay many years taxes from purchase of jewelry, wines and art subjects.

leaving from payment of taxes was carried out by Uolterom the Anderson through a number of the offshore companies which it has started to open soon after the basis of first company Mid - Atlantic Telecom in the beginning 90 - h. So, the mister the Anderson has based company Gold and Appel Transfer on the Virgin Islands which other offshore company Iceberg Transport S formally owned. A., registered in Panama. Actions of last under Mark Rosa`s pseudonym the mister the Anderson also owned. According to Office of Public Prosecutor of district of Columbia, during the period with 1995 for 1999 only through these two companies the mister to the Anderson managed to earn about $500 million and to invest them in other companies, without having paid any taxes in the American treasury. In 1998 in the tax declaration of Uolter the Anderson has specified the personal income in $68 thousand whereas, according to inspectors, actually it has made about $126 million

At the first judicial hearings which have passed in the past Monday the mister the Anderson has declared that considers itself innocent at all points charges. Meanwhile inspector IRS Mark Everson is assured that roguish actions of the mister of the Anderson have led to that fair American workers paid for its magnificent life . If the mister of the Anderson recognise as guilty, the maximum term of punishment can make 80 years of imprisonment.