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Igor Zolotussky have estimated for fidelity to advantage

this year Alexander Solzhenitsyna`s awarded already in eighth time award, has returned to with what began. As well as in 1998 when Vladimir Toporov became the winner, award the literary critic. As Natalia Solzhenitsyna declared yesterday the president of Russian public fund of the writer, this time $25 thousand will be received by Igor Zolotussky.
However, a weight category at two winners a little different: if Vladimir Toporov - the scientist of a world scale Igor Zolotussky - is faster than scale national. Anyway, the jury has decided not to continue last year`s experiments when have awarded not the writer, and a teleserial. Though transition from a film the Idiot to the present winner it has turned out not too sharp. Igor Zolotussky too can be seen on a TV screen: The literary critic, with invariably sad kind propagandising graceful literature, even it is possible to consider as an antipode of eternally cheerful TV presenter Michael Shvydkogo.

74 - summer Igor Zolotussky began as the teacher: having ended the Kazan university, it worked at the Khabarovsk high school. Its journalistic career began in the newspaper Young dalnevostochnik and has proceeded already in Moscow to the Literary newspaper . As the critic it was remembered by freethinking enough articles, and later gradually evolved towards so-called orthodox literary criticism. Not without reason in the award formulation it is told about fidelity of the winner to traditions and moral advantage of the Russian literature . In many respects this fidelity consists in aversion of literary avant-gardism and a postmodernism in what both the winner, and the founder of the award converge.

singularity of the book of Igor Zolotussky about Gogol, for the first time published in a series Life of remarkable people in 1979, and then repeatedly republished, that in it were are rehabilitated the Chosen places from correspondence with friends and late Gogol`s religious searches. However, to Gogol humour in the book has got less attention (this blank others can fill, secular monographies of another visible gogoleveda - Yury Manna, also necessary for studying of creativity of the writer). Among Igor Zolotussky`s works also - Trembling of heart it is warmly kind On Gogol`s traces On a ladder at Raskolnikova .

Thus, the award founded by Alexander Solzhenitsynym, has continued tradition nenagrazhdenija writers: films, critics become winners that. In this Solzhenitsyn even has converged with the award Triumph which this year also has not found to itself worthy writers. It is good that there is Apollo Grigoriev`s award which though and is free, but awards writers: this year among winners two prose writers and one poet, but any actor.