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Performance in seventy actions

In Moscow has passed a press - the conference devoted to forthcoming VI Festival of a name of Chekhov. The largest international theatrical forum of Russia will pass from June, 1st till July, 31st. About a press - conferences - the NOVEL - DOLZHANSKY.
All who is interested in theatre, know: for quite some time now years share on when there is a Chekhovian festival, and on when it is not present. This year it will be, so, Moscow waits, being expressed by popular lexicon in this season, next biennial of modern theatre. The sixth Chekhovian festival, as well as previous, will be stretched for some weeks. But this time it will begin after usual and will accurately occupy two summer months. At opening in a garden the Aquarium will show a street enchanting spectacle Urban a saxophone over which the Glory Polunin now works. And all in the program which is just published, about 70 performances. However, half from them - the statements of capital theatres most interesting and fresh that are available in the Moscow poster. But the attention of public, certainly, them will be given before those 30 with superfluous representations which will arrive on tour.

the Chekhovian festival has divided the program on two parts - a world series that is works of known directors and theatres, and the experimental program that is performances, so to say, without a guarantee. The program does not offer division into geographical pages, but for anybody not a secret that the sight of organizers of festival constantly wanders - from one places on the world map to another. If at last Chekhovian festival the accent has turned out German - Japanese now it has appeared ex - English - Brazilian. Thus that neither Germans, nor Japanese are not forgotten: Kristof Martaler will show the new work under the name Fear before the future And from Japan there will arrive the indispensable participant of Chekhovian festivals Tadasi of Suzuki and two representations of traditional Japanese genres - kegen and but, making special success in Moscow two years ago.

In the French program separate number costs for a long time not visiting Russia Komedi Fransez . The main theatre of France will bring Wood directed by Peter Fomenko. Among English names with special impatience it is necessary to wait the well-known theatre Komplisite with performance of Sajmona the Poppy - Berni time Noise devoted to Dmitry Shostakovich`s destiny. If to add to the British list of Deklana Donnellana rehearsing now with the Moscow actors by request of Chekhovian festival Three sisters the role of Albion becomes even more powerful. In general, organizers Chekhovian festa skilfully combine already familiar names with the new. So that feelings of attachment and curiosity at spectators of festival podpityvali also provoked each other.

as to the Brazilian section then it is necessary to count only on curiosity: from the Dignity - Paulu and Rio - de - Zhanejro a little that tell names of visitors even to experts in foreign theatre. However, in application to word theatre foreign and European at us by default often are considered as synonyms. On that is weighty reasons, but Chekhovian festival makes sober us: between these concepts it is not necessary to forget a difference. Performances still ahead, however the first acquaintance of the press to Brazilians has promised unexpectedness - local theatrical figures look vividly. And the director from the Dignity - Paulu Jose Selso Martinez Korrea the salutatory word has not told, and has cried out, has sung and has moaned. Then, already during informal dialogue, it continued to amuse the gathered. So definition the madman Which else during an official part the director of festival Valery Shadrin has publicly awarded the visitor, it not seemed a risky friendly joke any more.

in general, atmosphere of general saving staging of life - one of unconditional achievements of Chekhovian festival. Not casually that mister Shadrin equally on - svojski addressed to the high-ranking officials from culture, to the journalists occupied in Three sisters to actors, and also the well-known foreign directors. Before a variety, charm and madness of world theatrical art all are equal are Valery Shadrin`s not declared internal belief in many respects defines positive spirit of Chekhovian festival. Also has to Moscow even the most whimsical theatrical figures. When Sajmonu the Poppy - Berni have tried to blame that it many years ignored invitations to tours, the director has made a pause and with pressing, on syllables has spoken: Russia neignoriruema .