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The dollar has fallen in Central Bank reserves

Yesterday a dollar exchange rate has fallen to the minimum mark this year - 27,74 rbl./ $. Dollar easing in the Russian market became reflexion of its weakness in the international market. To rescue a course from deeper falling interventions of Bank of Russia have helped only.
yesterday in the Russian currency market the dollar exchange rate has continued the decrease. Following the results of day of its quotation 27,74 rbl./ $ - the minimum value this year have fallen for 5 copeck to a mark. For last two weeks the dollar has fallen in price already more than for 25 copeck

However, the tendency to dollar exchange rate decrease has been predetermined even prior to the beginning of the auctions. On Wednesday in Russia there was a day off, and the auctions by dollars at a stock exchange were not conducted. But from the moment of the termination of the auctions on Tuesday the euro exchange rate has grown on 0,2 %, having reached a point of $1,325. In addition to it the factor of the termination of month has provoked active sales of dollars by exporters. To stabilise conditions, the Central bank had even to carry out interventions. contrary to usual tactics of last time of the Central Bank not only satisfied demands for sale, but also has exposed the demand for purchase at level 27,74 rbl./ $ - the dealer of KB " has noted; Alba the Alliance Artem Roschin. As a result, according to participants of the market, the Central Bank has redeemed not less than $1,5 billion

Though the Central bank gradually departs from a policy of regulation of a dollar exchange rate, last days it should enter the market even more often. Traders marked its support at level 27,94 rbl./ $ on Monday and 27,79 rbl./ $ on Tuesday. Thus, the Central Bank partly itself creates a trend on decrease. trend movement leads to opening of short positions on dollar - the chief of department of conversion operations Metallinvestbanka Sergey Romanchuk has declared. Simultaneously the Central Bank redeems great volumes of currency. Yesterday it became known that its gold and exchange currency reserves for February, 18th have reached the next historical maximum - $129,2 billion All for a week of the Central Bank has redeemed $ more 3,8 billion Thus following the results of this week and this record will be for certain beaten.