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The uncomfortable season

This season in NBA turns out one of the most intense for all history of league. For one and a half month before the termination of the regular championship at once some clubs apply for the first place on its results and some commands have left hopes of hit in play - off.
Rare for NBA a case: in the beginning of spring when till the end of a regular season there is not too a lot of time, obvious outsiders - units. In the east - the beginner of league Charlotte Bobcats and Atlanta Hawks, in the West - New Orleans Hornets, Golden State Warriors and, seemingly, all - taki Utah Jazz, at which in Russia fans more than at any other club because in Solt - Lejk - City are played by our main basketball star Andrey Kirilenko.

Last days were successful for Utah. On Monday it is beaten Los Angeles Clippers, the day before, and on a visit, - Houston Rockets. However such light stains in this season at Jazz was too little that this mini - a series in a root could change a situation which, it is necessary to recognise, for Utah almost hopeless. Theoretically, of course, from the first eight of the Western conference it still can liquidate a separation, but competitors too are strong and hardly, let us assume, at once five of them will ruin an ending of a regular season.

all know, why for Utah the season develops so not very well. Simply in NBA there is no so unlucky command, as this. Perhaps, in the present championship there was no also a ten matches in which Jazz could expose the strongest structure: all time someone is injured, sometimes at once on some persons. Thus traumas pursue the basic basketball players. We will remind that the collapse not bad starting Utah has begun just with heavy damage of a knee of Andrey Kirilenko in the end of November of last year, from - for which it has passed about two months. In February same Kirilenko, the unconditional leader of club, was again injured, this time, fortunately, having recovered much faster - for a week. But the command to returning of the Russian as its best sniper Carlos Buzer has left out of operation has not had time to be glad. To it the basic playing Raul Lopez`s trauma was added. In general, a trouble behind a trouble.

to Andrey Kirilenko anyway, certainly, hardly will bring this season in a passive as good matches it, despite all misfortunes, has spent much more, rather than the mediocre. Some were simply shining. It is enough to name a recent meeting with Boston Celtics in which the Russian forward has typed 29 points and has made weight of other useful things: selections, the block - shotov, interceptions but which Utah, already lost Buzera, has all the same lost. Or the same match with Houston: in it Kirilenko has not allowed to be developed to superstar Rockets of Trejsi Makgredi... However, we will repeat, all these feats, most likely, will appear useless for Jazz.

the Same commands which fight for a place in play - off or already de - fakto guaranteed there to themselves a place, already think of a cup part of the championship. Last week has expired a deadline of exchanges. And at once some commands have used last possibility to make change in structure. About the general direction in which trades were carried out, it was easy to guess in advance. Outsiders sold basketball players basically (New Orleans has managed to get rid at once of three key players - Berona Devisa, Rogers`s Relatives and Dzhamala Mashberna), wholesale purchases did basically the clubs which are where - that on border zones play - off . A characteristic example - Philadelphia which has exchanged besides Mashberna with Rogers also the well-known Chris Uebbera from Sacramento Kings.

Favourites were limited, as it is accepted to speak, dot Acquisitions. Going now on the first position in NBA San Antonio Spurs took only two players - centre Nazra Mohammed and defender Steve Smith. It is more to club from Texas simply it is not necessary: frankly weak places at San Antonio are not present. However, present leadership Spurs at all does not mean that to finish of a regular season it will come the first. At all look both Phoenix Suns, and Seattle SuperSonics, settled down in the table absolutely nearby is worse. Are for certain capable to add and the same Sacramento, and Dallas Mavericks. And easy matches in present very equal championship even at powerful clubs does not happen almost.

here, for example, a meeting which San Antonio has spent on Monday in Clevelend. Local Cleveland Cavaliers thanking in many respects to efforts of a sheaf Lebron James - Zhidrunas Ilgauskas in this season looks very solidly. And with the leader played as equals. All were solved by a combination on final seconds of a meeting with participation of two superstars Spurs: Tony Parker has given transfer on Tima Dankana, and that, as always at the important point, has not missed. 94:92 - and the spoilt holiday of owner Cavaliers of Gordon Ganda.

The matter is that it there was last match, in which Gand acted in a role of owner Cleveland. Recently it has made one of the good bargains in the history of sports. In 1983 Gand has bought basketball club for $20 million, has now sold to its businessman from Detroit to Dan Dzhilbertu for $375 million But, probably, he wanted to leave a command nevertheless differently - after a victory.