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Harry Kasparov has dared to come off

On a chess super tournament in Linares is played six rounds. Grand master YURY RAZUVAEV tells about a struggle course in first half of competition.
Linares is chess Wimbledon. Its results in many respects define alignment of forces on a chess Olympus. In Harry Kasparov`s last year`s tournament has acted in an unusual role for itself chess Santa Claus, having given away the successful contenders many points in technically simple positions. However this year after an impressing victory in the championship of Russia the thirteenth world champion spends first half of tournament strongly and confidently. Though and this time without failures on start has not managed. The reasons of these failures in Kasparov`s game are known. In - the first, last years the lion`s share of expensive champion time is eaten by work on a remarkable series of books My great predecessors . With all responsibility of the long-term reader and the chess author I testify that these best in the history of chess of the book of a steel considerable and joyful event against gloomy modern chess life. In - the second, Harry Kasparov`s returning to active political activity. For a long time it is known that chess goddess Kaissa is very jealous and seldom forgives change even to the favourites. Therefore, as well as in December in national championship, Kasparov hard entered into tournament.

in the first round, playing black against Petera Leko, it has received a dangerous position in a debut. Countergame search has taken away a lot of time and forces. When the worst was behind, Kasparov has accepted the offered drawn game, being in a strong time trouble. In the second round by the contender 13 - go the world champion was the present world champion FIDE of Rustam Kasymdzhanov invited in tournament after refusal of Vladimir Kramnik. For the Uzbek grand master the first Linares became difficult test, and he tries to play extremely carefully. However in party against Kasparov all attempts of Kasymdzhanova to simplify a position have not led to a struggle voltage reduction. Harry Kasparov`s two unexpected, sharp pawn attacks has grasped the initiative. The Uzbek grand master has offered quality and began to search for chances of rescue in an end-game. Rescue has come while very few people doubted Kasparov`s victory. Technical failure has not discouraged 13 - go the world champion, and in the third round it has beautifully confused in complications the owner of a field Spaniard Fransisko of Vallejo. In the fourth round Kasparov was free from game (in tournament odd number of participants). And in the fifth - Englishman Michael Adams could oppose nothing to Kasparov`s powerful and scale game. The original debut idea in protection of Nimtsovicha has brought white a superfluous pawn. Adams was inventively and persistently protected, but Kasparov`s brilliant technics has reminded of the best samples of one of its great predecessors, the fourth chess king Alexander Alekhin. Party Vishvanatan Anand - Harry Kasparov became the central party of the sixth round. The Indian grand master has applied very interesting debut idea in Sveshnikov`s fashionable system and has got advantage. Crisis in party has come before control in the conditions of a mutual time trouble that, however, has not prevented contenders to flash beautiful game - a drawn game on 45 - m to a course.

some words about game of the basic competitors of Harry Kasparov. Vishvanatan Anand operates very confidently, with a durability large supply. It is felt that at any moment it can add. Veselin Topalov, as always, plays with the big imagination and it is very courageous. It has spent the best party in the fourth round against Petera Leko, but already after control has missed the deserved victory. However in the sixth round the Bulgarian grand master in party against Fransisko of Vallejo played again raskovanno and it is original. The Spaniard has obviously become puzzled and has been crushed already on 32 - m to a course. While there is in a shade a triumpher of recent tournament in Vejk - an - Zeya to Peter Leko. As Boris Spassky repeatedly marked, the big success sometimes to endure more difficultly, than insulting failure. However ahead half more a tournament distance, and in in the lead group changes are possible.