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The head of area have killed on account of a debt

On Monday late at night the Supreme court Tatarii the sentence has pronounced to the former deputy of state council of republic Rustamu Zakirovu who was accused of the organisation of murder of the head of administration of Agryzsky area Tatarii Rafisa Saetova. Rustam Zakirov and four its accomplices have received in total 65 years of imprisonment.
the head of administration of Agryzsky area Rafis Saetov has been killed late at night on August, 30th, 2002 (last time told about this business on February, 9th). Criminals have shot the official from the automatic machine and pompovogo guns at its house in village Bottom Kuchukovo of Agryzsky area Tatarii. During the investigation law enforcement bodies have arrested on suspicion in the organisation of murder of the deputy of state council of republic Rustama Zakirova - the predecessor of mister Saetova on a post agryzskogo chapters. Later helpers and executors of murder have been arrested. The consequence has considered that aversions between retired and operating with heads of area became a cause of offence. The retired head has considered as the originator of shift of the successor as Rafis Saetov repeatedly criticised mister Zakirova at state council sessions for “ inefficient work “. Litigation has begun in January of last year. On a dock there were five participants of criminal group, among them the customer, helpers and killers. Four from them - inhabitants of Izhevsk. On debate the charge party has asked for mister Zakirova of 19 years of imprisonment in a high security colony, and to executors and helpers of murder from 14 till 15 years. Lawyers of all defendants have asked the verdict of “not guilty“.

sentence announcement on business of mister Zakirova lasted on Monday about five hours. The court has come to a conclusion that defendants are guilty of commission of crime, and the charge party has collected enough proofs of it. On announcement of a sentence by court it has been noticed that defendant Zakirov really had aversions for head Agryza that proves to be true indications of witnesses. The court has established that Rustam Zakirov in 2002 has agreed with the inhabitant of Izhevsk businessman Fidarisom Zijaisovym that that will incur murder of mister Saetova. The businessman owed to deputy Zakirovu of 150 thousand roubles, and in case of murder fulfilment this debt to it was promised for writing off. Businessman Zijaisov, in turn, has suggested to kill head Agryza to the fellow countrymen Andrey Shutovu and Oleg Krivonogovu for compensation in $2,5 thousand to everyone. They have agreed to act in a role of killers. To other debtor, Almiru Zakirovu who when - that occupied from it 120 thousand roubles, mister Zakirov has charged to find the weapon and the car, also promising to write off a debt. The court has paid attention that of the indication of witnesses from protection which tried to provide with an alibi of all five defendants, rather inconsistent. Witnesses are relatives and friends of defendants, therefore, according to court, can be interested in their clearing.

during announcement of a sentence defendants behaved easy. Rustam Zakirov has been recognised by guilty of the organisation of murder of Rafisa Saetova and has received 17 years of imprisonment. Fidarisu Zijaisovu and Almiru Zakirovu for complicity have appointed for 9 years. Andrey Shutov and Oleg Krivonogov have received for 15 years of imprisonment. Their lawyers have informed that will necessarily appeal against sentence. In Office of Public Prosecutor any comments have refused.

, Kazan