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The power of rectors will limit presidential

Yesterday Minister of Education and Science Andrey Fursenko has informed that its department intends to enter a new supervising post in high schools - along with the rector there will be also a post of the president. In the ministry explain that the honourable post is invented for the former rectors of universities who retire, but are capable and to help further to high school councils. Young rectors are afraid that a presidential superstructure in high school administrations can lead to a diarchy - presidents begin to encroach on powers of rectors.
the offer to divide the power in high schools between the rector and the president (the ministry already develops amendments to the law About formation ) In Minobrnauki explain quite harmless purposes. On the one hand, it is necessary to rejuvenate supervising rektorsky structure, inviting in administration of people with new thinking with another - not to lose potential of heads of elite high schools with rich administrative experience. Practice of leading Russian universities is that that their rectors remain on the post up to leaving on pension - the law About formation allows them to hold this post till 70 years. However, and having reached the pension age, many heads who not so do not have the rights to stand on this post, from high school perceive necessity of the leaving extremely painfully. The post of the president under ministry plans actually should provide eks - to rectors honourable resignation - a place on which they will feel claimed and after official leaving from the high school power. And in that case they not begin to cling to the power and at prepension age to achieve the appointment to the post of the rector from above .

However, the ministry is ready to allocate presidents not simply pension functions. Mister Fursenko in conversation with has assumed that the post of the president will remind a post of the chairman of a board of guardians - it can influence high school personnel selection, develop educational strategy: If the rector operates state property and depends on the state, the president is independent. It the representative of the public . In department consider that the potential of the former heads usually appears is extremely useful to high school - they long enough remain the person universities, keeping contacts to the power and the international partners.

practice power divisions for a long time it is applied at the western higher school. At German universities, for example, The general management and economic activities are distributed between the president and the chancellor: the president acts in a role of a political figure, and repair problems enter into powers of the chancellor, for example. Mister Fursenko, truth, considers that the domestic education system is not ready yet to division on a policy and the business executive and to start function of the president will be a little limited.

rectors of high schools have reacted to the ministry initiative carefully. Head MVTU of a name of Bauman Igor Fedorov, for example, considers that a side of division of powers of the president and the rector too unsteady: If the president has a minor position in a management is becomes ` the honourable reference `. And if the president besides strategy working out begins to prosecute operative subjects it will come in the field of the rector is will lead to a diarchy in high school .

Selected rector RGGU Valery Minaev (at university the post of the president is entered, he is occupied with the founder of university Yury Afanasev) very much is afraid that its positions the competitor from - for ministry initiatives will amplify: At the expense of whom to the president delegate a power part? It that, begins to pinch off powers at the rector? Even the respectable post of the president is not necessary to high schools. It is better to enter in high schools a category ` honourable professors ` - they, unlike presidents, are not selected .