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Heinz enters the Russian market

Yesterday the president of American company Heinz William Johnson declared that its company is close to an exit on the Russian market where carries on negotiations with one of the largest manufacturers of foodstuff though has not told with which. However it is possible to remember that on fast end of negotiations with not which foreign corporation earlier informed one of the largest manufacturers of soft oil and ketchups - the company Petrosojuz . Thus, assumptions of purchase by the American company Petrosojuza (number from January, 19th see) have actually received acknowledgement.
in the night from Monday to Tuesday results of the third quarter of fiscal year of American company Heinz Moscow time have been published. The company Net profit has fallen to 25 % - to $152,4 million, thus, that the sales volume has grown on 8 % - to $2,26 billion Despite profit falling, president Heinz William Johnson declared continuation of the program of investments. Key for development Heinz by the markets mister Johnson named Russia, India, China and Indonesia. In the near future total sales volumes in these regions, by estimations Heinz, should reach $1 billion Most particularly mister Johnson has expressed the investment plans concerning Russia. As he said, the company moves ahead to creation of joint venture with one of leaders of food business . He did not name the Russian partner of the company, having declared only that the transaction while in details is not worked.

it is curious that more recently in similar expressions about creation of joint venture with the large foreign investor the operating director of one of leaders of the Russian market of ketchups of the company " spoke; Petrosojuz Dmitry Filatov. Mister Filatov also has not specified, with whom negotiations are carried on. However experts of the market are definitively convinced now that the transaction between two companies will take place. the yesterday`s statement once again confirms that Heinz buys ` Petrosojuz ` - the chairman of board of directors of the company " is assured; Baltimore Alexey Antipov.

analysts are not confused with that both parties of negotiations speak not about sale and business purchase, and about joint venture creation. in this case the form is not important, - analyst FK ` tells Uralsib ` to Marat Ibragimov, - in the near future the parties declare the transaction .

the Most interesting - the question price. Unlike many Russian companies which prepare for foreign investments, doing transparent the financial reporting, Petrosojuz does not open about itself any data. Experts estimate a company turn in $200 million According to mister Ibragimova, approximately so much and there is all business of the company. And here head Rusagro Vadim Moshkovich considers that the price Petrosojuza does not exceed $100 million

will continue to watch succession of events.