Rus News Journal


- Why Vienna throughout last several years reduced quantity of distributors?
- Each partner are our additional costs. Therefore we have sharply limited quantity of distributors - everyone has now the geographical zone of responsibility. However optimisation of quantity of distributors should not affect a covering roznitsy. We prefer to work with such partners which the most part of our beer deliver directly at retail, instead of pereprodajut to subdistributors.

- during reforming there were any errors?
- We have committed three basic errors. Earlier we had more than 100 distributors, and in the market there was a disorder: to the companies was uninteresting to work with our production, there were dumping cases. And the manufacturer who supposes a dumping, is the bad manufacturer. But, having started to optimise quantity of distributors, we which - where have gone too far that has worsened a covering roznitsy and has affected sales. Another is connected with this error also: sometimes as the partner in certain territory we chose the strongest in region the company at which except our beer was twenty more brands of competitors. And for it our production was not, as we speak, focal. Thus we eliminated as partners not so strong distributor who, probably, would be more interested in advancement of our beer. At last, we had illusions that distributors will be ready to investments that the profit not tomorrow, and in the future, for example in purchase of cars will make. Now we so do not think.

- that is more important: distribution of beer or advertising?
is a question from a series about a hen and egg. Beer - an emotional product, therefore is frequent the decision, what brand to choose, is accepted directly at a shelf. Accordingly, strategy of advancement of a product should be complete. We have an example when we have committed an error in this plan. Untwisting a brand Triumph we were enclosed in advertising, but thus have not supported with its good distribution. Therefore beer was difficult for buying, and sales then have not pleased us. And here with Tuborg Green all has been made correctly, as has affected its sales.

or, for example, last year we have united with factory Gold Ural Mountains located in Chelyabinsk. In this city we have inherited competently constructed system of direct distribution on the basis of factory and a market share in 41 % (on volume). And all system reformed: deliveries have been given to all points to distributors. Henceforth Vienna in one city does not sell beer directly. And the schedule of growth of sales volumes shows that we have arrived correctly.

Certainly, giving direct deliveries to distributors, we give to them and a margin part, it is obvious. But in exchange we receive in addition sold litres, and the increase in profit on growth of sales volumes does not come within miles of losses on a margin. We create that is called win - win situation when wins everyone.

Here there is also one more moment. If we do not allow to distributors to earn on our marks they start to develop brands of competitors.

- how much we will apply the western experience of distribution of beer to the Russian conditions?

- We do not see here any specificity, we do about identical correct things. We do not invent a bicycle. We see, for example, that in any country the distributive system is built so - that, we think, what region at us is similar to this country, and we do there something similar. In general it is difficult to speak about any general specificity, because Russia the country huge, in each region there are marketing differences. For example, where - that beer in banks simply adore, and where - that it goes badly. There are also huge distinctions and in logistics. Regions of Russia in respect of distribution by time differ much more strongly, than some countries of Europe. Difference of Siberia from Petersburg is much stronger, than Italy from Switzerland.

- what you see distribution in the future?
- If to say that will be in five years, that, our vision of a situation is that. The distributor acts as the logistical partner of the manufacturer. It means that all strategic things - negotiations with points, roznitsy and other - we incur the calculation, working out and realisation of the program of loyalty, and to the distributor we leave only delivery. Basically at the moment our system already almost is such, it is just necessary to complete it up to the end.

If to speak about the period through seven - eight years it is necessary to mean that networks begin to play the increasing role. Now network retail is developed poorly, for example, we through networks last year have sold only 10 %. And here when through them 50 % of beer then we will be compelled to reconsider the policy will go already, but how it will look, now to tell difficult. Probably, networks will want to take delivery to, and is possible, they will insist on that we were engaged in it. Thus, the role of distributors will gradually decrease.