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The Navy of Russia has felt the British saving complex

the Baltic fleet of Russia on time of doctrines has successfully finished tests of the newest aeromobile saving complex the Panther - Plus kotryj has been bought in Great Britain. This complex is intended for search and inspection of the emergency and sunk objects, performance of a wide spectrum podvodno - technical works as it is independent, and together with divers on depths to 1000 m. the Decision to buy in Great Britain a saving complex the Panther - Plus it was accepted after incident with the Russian submariners in Bering sea.
Alexander Deljanov has told about results of tests zamgendirektora companies TETIS of the ABM. Today in water area of Baltic sea during doctrines of life-saving services a complex the Panther - Plus arrived on arms of the Navy of Russia, from - for excitements of the sea which reached three points, worked on a limit of the technical characteristics. Nevertheless, the device has successfully coped with a task in view - Deljanov has told. As he said, during doctrines a complex the Panther - Plus has spent search of the emergency submarine lying on a ground, and has cleared away a platform for landing of the manned underwater saving device.

by means of a complex it was possible to cut the steel cables, disturbing to landing of the saving manned device, and to submit to an emergency boat high pressure air. It was the first examination of the device in the conditions as much as possible approached to a reality. According to Alexander Deljanova, the device also has shown also the high power possibilities: With its help supply by the electric power normobaricheskogo a survival suit which provided ability to live of crew of the submarine " was carried out;.

During doctrines of life-saving services of the Baltic fleet problems of rendering assistance to crew of the emergency submarine which is on depth of 50 m. In particular were fulfilled, submariners have fulfilled an independent exit through torpedo tubes, and the sea aircraft conducted their search. At last stage of doctrines actions on search of the emergency submarine on June, 22nd were fulfilled. Besides direct search this stage included a conclusion of submariners from a boat by means of the submersible the EXPERT - 26. In total on doctrines one diesel submarine, salvage ship SS - 750, saving tow SB - 921, diving vessel VM - 268, the small anti-submarine ship " has been involved; Kalmykia small anti-submarine ship MPK - 105, a base trawler Sergey Kolbasev survey vessel GS - 214, plane AN - 26, the helicopter To - 27 PS and life boats the Martin . The chief of a staff of the Baltic fleet vitse - admiral Alexander Klenkov supervised over doctrines.

the Decision to buy in Great Britain a saving complex the Panther - Plus it was accepted after incident with the Russian submariners in Bering sea. On August, 4th, 2005 in a bay Birch the submersible a bathyscaphe the EXPERT - 28 with seven submariners onboard on depth almost 200 metres has got confused in a fishing net, cables and hoses. Three days it was required for rescue operation carrying out. On August, 7th the EXPERT - 28 has emerged on a surface after the pilotless British device the Scorpion cut all keeping the deep-water saving device puty.

Before receipt on arms of the Navy of the Russian Federation in the spring of this year a complex the Panther - Plus has passed the first and second stage of deep-water tests on Black sea. at the first stage actions on rendering assistance to the crew leaving a submarine through torpedo tubes were fulfilled. At the second stage - the help to the crew leaving a boat on depth of 50 m, search of a boat by forces of sea aircraft and rendering of the help by it to the crew which has risen on a surface. And on the third, it was successful zavreshivshimsja stage purpose to help a submarine lying on a ground.