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The recipe from poverty

Rabota Demiena Hirsta the Spring lullaby (regiments with tablets) it is sold at auction Sotheby ` s in London for $19,2 million is does the author of a diamond skull and sharks in formaldehyde by the most expensive well artist in the world. TATYANA - MARKIN admires.
have passed only days since that moment as at auction Christie ` s have sold a picture of the British artist Ljusena Freud`s 1922 year of birth for $15,6 million (see from June, 22nd). However the British topped with laurels - the realist thus remained only the most expensive artist of the Old World, and an old world record in $17,4 million for Figure 4 the American priest - the actor has reserved 1930 year of birth Jasper Johns. And here the auction record on products of the well artist is beaten. a spring lullaby Demiena Hirsta which were born in 1965 in Bristol, it is sold at auction Sotheby ` s in London for $19,2 million (£ 9,7 million at an estimate £ 3 - 4 million). Work represents numbers of shelves (the size of 183 sm on 274 sm) with the tablets spread out to them and pills spring shades.

the reservation an auction record which matters for other artists, in a case with mister Hirstom almost means nothing. The galerejnye prices (informal, usually known on hearings) on modern masters can be twice above auction (the public auctions loudly said in a hall). But for Demiena Hirsta it is unimportant - it ahead on all positions. Two weeks ago in the London gallery White Cube the exhibition of works of Demiena Hirsta on which among macrophotos of the blood little bodies amazed with a cancer there is also a platinum skull with the human teeth, covered with brilliants has opened. The bagatelle is on sale for $100 million - and it is possible not to doubt that it will buy. Stephen Cohen - for $12 million in 2004 has bought hirstovskuju a shark in formaldehyde.

Only nine years has passed since works of Demiena Hirsta have appeared at public auctions: it poliptih Lovers (four lockers with the cow interiors in banks) have sold in December, 1998 for $229 thousand at an estimate in $140 - 170 thousand It was on Christie ` s - galerist and collector Charles Saatchi who has brought up new generation radical young British artists has exposed a part of the collection on the auctions. In 2004 a home decoration of London restaurant Pharmacy in chemist`s style thought up by Demienom Hirstom, have been sold in aggregate on $11 million In 2005 the artist became, on a rating of the British magazine ArtRewiew, the most influential person art - the world. Since yesterday it also the most well artist expensive in the world. Now it is possible and to die.