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At a concert outstanding Irish bljuzmena in sports palace Luzniki BORIS - DRUMS was convinced that melodious the priest - blues hits interest the Russian audience much more, than mastery.
at a concert of Gary of Moore in Luzniki it was clearly visible that in a local Palace of sports people from disassembled together with the hotel GTSKZ with the same name " fill; Russia . This evening there was no dancing orchestra. roker left to a hall filled with chairs, fitted by a velvet. Public consisted basically of respectable misters for forty, in which admirers of fate gave out rudimentary details of appearance like the extended hairdresses or small beards. Many misters have come with sons and on all concert made comments the present music . Other profits with young companions. Moore has not disappointed Gary neither target audience, nor casual spectators.

It is known that in London of the end 1960 - h quite often it was possible to see on fences and walls an inscription Clapton - god . Following this logic, Gary Moore is the Eric Clapton who has gone down from heavens on the earth. This status has been confirmed, when in 1994 mister Moore has replaced the idol and the teacher in group Cream which has reunited for a short while. In a manner of game of Gary of Moore on an electroguitar it is a lot of from Eric Clapton`s manner, and even in singing the Irish guitarist has adopted much at the English colleague. However the national favourite in Russia Gary Moore became without thanking, and contrary to the a blues - to fatal roots. A basis of its popularity here not skill of the guitarist, and a composition from a strongly pronounced melodic component, mainly from an album Still Got The Blues (1990).

the Song from this disk Oh Pretty Woman the executor has chosen to start evening. It has appeared before public on a modest dark background in white trousers and a black shirt. The accompanying group worked aside. The first chords of Gary Moore has tried to get spectators, to break them from the places. The fat, rigid sound of a guitar has filled all volume of a hall, the voice has sunk in tool passages coming each other on heels. However Oh Pretty Woman not less vigorous new song which has followed it Hard Times have not stirred public in a dark bowl of the Palace of sports. The concert most part reminded the governmental concerts in mentioned GTSKZ Russia . Contact of the actor to audience was absent at all what he has some times mentioned in the short prefaces to songs. Declaring a song Eyesight To The Blind ( Sight for the blind man ) Mister Moore has told: It about me, after all I you do not see . This and all other remarks addressed to Russian admirers and calculated on their reaction, have been met by death silence. Even the glass of wine lifted by the musician for health present, has been drunk by it in silence. After the songs sated with difficult guitar passages, a polite applause sounded, accepted in Moscow melodious slow compositions like " much more warmly; Empty Rooms . It was clear that public waits for the main songs of Gary of Moore. The musician, seemingly, perfectly understood it and has reserved all the most desired for the ending.

the ballad " became last song of the basic part of show; Still Got The Blues - a composition, comparable on popularity on domestic dance pavilions with imperishable Still Loving You Scorpions. On tribunes displays of phones have started blinking. At this concert there was a set of the moments deserving shooting and record in much bigger degree, but a smash hit Still Got The Blues it has really appeared here in the status Russian national song . The man, a dozing all concert near to the correspondent as if having obeyed to a reflex, has started fingers in a mouth and has whistled a healthy valiant whistling. It was clear that it has come on a concert behind this melody. People in a hall as if have changed.

as soon as mister Moore has left a stage, public has blown up a dissatisfied rumble and has moved to a scene. The guitarist had to leave twice still encore, and each time it squeezed out of the guitars any absolutely unimaginable cries and groans. Girls under a scene danced, their companions tried not to lag behind. At Gary Moore the string on a guitar has torn, but it for an instant has not reduced turns. All began to remind a party in cosy blues club, all became how should be from the very beginning.

At last has begun to sound final Parisienne Walkways - a song written by Gary by Moore 30 years ago in the co-authorship with Filom Lajnottom, the leader of great group Thin Lizzy. This composition includes the longest and, probably, the only thing among superhits fate - n - a beater solo, consisting of one note. Public waited for it solo as revelation. Gary Moore has won back the effective moment, as the present theatrical actor. Before clamping a string for kind minute, it has made a pause and has with astonishment looked in a hall - that to you still? From an orchestra it was distributed: the String give! the guitar has howled, and here already it was possible to consider a concert taken place.