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George Jartsev has left the first league

the Management of football club a Torpedo yesterday declared resignation from a post of the head coach of the former instructor of Russian national team of George Jartseva. On change to it young expert Ravil Sabitov heading a youthful national team to whom in spite of the fact that torpedovtsy now take only the sixth place in the first league, it is necessary to carry out - to return the problem set for the predecessor a command in the higher battalion will come.
George Jartseva`s formally resignation has taken place yesterday after meeting of a management of club to which from the trainer the request for its clearing from an occupied post has arrived. However sources in a Torpedo confidently said that it will occur, several days ago shortly after torpedovtsy have lost Novosibirsk Siberia 3:5 (this match has taken place past Sunday). And in club yesterday did not begin to hide that mister Jartsev already submitted corresponding requests and earlier.

There is nothing strange that George Jartseva, refused to make comments on the decision, had a desire to leave from a Torpedo and its chiefs did not become this desire to interfere. The Moscow club in last season has taken off from premieres - leagues. The owner a Torpedo Vladimir Alyoshin and its president Alexander Tukmanov have invited to a post of head coach George Jartseva, considering that the expert having experience with elite clubs (he headed the Dynamo the Rotor and with Spartakom even has won in 1996 the championship of Russia), and also from a national team, will help the prompt returning of a command in the higher battalion. Them has not confused that circumstance that from a national team mister Jartsev has unsuccessfully acted in the European championship of 2004, and has then suffered the most humiliating in its stories defeat (1:7 from Portugueses), that after dismissal from it it had almost two-year break in labour activity, that in February the trainer has transferred the hardest blow - have killed his son.

the risk has not justified. Completed basically the skilled players like Dmitry Borodina, Andrey Solomatina, Vasily Yevseyev, Maxim Romashchenko, Alexander Panova, a Torpedo for 17 rounds has typed only 28 points, having had time to suffer 5 defeats and to pass 22 goals. At the moment the command takes the sixth place, and its backlog from going the second groznenskogo Terek (in the prime minister - league there are two best clubs following the results of superiority) makes six points. It became thus absolutely obvious that on game a Torpedo Does not surpass the majority of old residents of the first league.

now torpedovskie heads have decided to risk once again. Ravil Sabitov - the complete antithesis to George Jartsevu in the sense that at it just is not present almost any experience at adult level. He has achieved the loudest success in the trainer`s career more recently - when in May has won a qualifying tournament youthful (till 19 years) the European championship, having outstripped in group of Dutches, Englishmen and Czechs. Before the termination of final tournament of superiority (it will pass in Austria from July, 16 till July, 27th) mister Sabitov will continue work with young men in a national team, being registered in a Torpedo the trainer - the adviser at and. An island of the instructor Vyacheslav Daeve. It will officially take up a post of the head coach in August. An exit problem in the prime minister - league, despite of unsatisfactory results jartsevskogo a Torpedo with Ravilja Sabitova it is not removed.