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Alexander Tikhonov has deserved the lowest limit

In Novosibirsk regional court yesterday debate of the parties on the case of attempt at the governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev has taken place. Accused, to the president of the Union of biathlonists of Russia (SBR) to Alexander Tikhonov, the public prosecutor has demanded to appoint five years of imprisonment of a high security. Protection insists on its justification.
Addressing to the judge, public prosecutor Vasily Musatkin has summed up the judicial examination lasting about one and a half months. The charge party takes for granted materials of business and indications of witnesses that Alexander Tikhonov has accepted from the head of group MIKOM Michael Zhivilo the offer to assist in the beginning of 2000 in preparation of murder of governor Tuleyev. Michael Zhivilo ostensibly intended to restore in such a way the lost influence on the region enterprises. Alexander Tikhonov, considers the public prosecutor, has suggested to use the younger brother Victor, and further has organised a meeting of the businessman with the relative. Victor Tikhonov through intermediary Sergey Nikanorova has found in Novosibirsk the candidate for Vladimir Harchenko`s killers to which has transferred advance payment in $179 thousand But then Lord Nikanorov and Harchenko, having been frightened that became carriers of the dangerous information, have declared preparing attempt in FSB (in connection with active repentance business in their relation has been stopped). In end of the speech the public prosecutor has asked court to retrain for Alexander Tikhonov article about attempt at life of the state figure (item 277 UK) on article about usual attempt at murder (item 105): defendant Tikhonov who was not involved in the conflict of misters of Tuleyev and Zhivilo, could not revenge the governor for its activity. Public prosecutor Musatkin, having noted the big merits of the defendant before domestic sports, asked to appoint to it punishment below the lowest limit provided by given article UK, - five years of a colony of a high security.

the public prosecutor was replaced by lawyer Alexander Plevin. Performance of the defender as it seemed, was more in protection of the prospective organizer of not taken place murder of Michael Zhivilo. The lawyer has tried to prove to court an inconsistency of motive of elimination of governor Tuleyev. As the defender considers, personal conflicts between misters of Zhivilo and Tuleyev never was, and all economic disputes were resolved exclusively in arbitration. if to finish the version of the investigation to the point of irrationality all economic disputes necessarily should come to an end with murder of the advantageous party - lawyer Plevin has declared. As he said, if to admit that Michael Zhivilo had a motive of elimination of the governor with top of its rashness and imprudence would be to involve in business of unchecked persons. with the order for elimination of the person to Victor Tikhonov the person same, as it, intellectual level or the madman could address. Michael Zhivilo approaches under one of these definitions - lawyer Plevin has declared. In its opinion, it would be much easier to organise attempt through service of own safety MIKOM with attraction of killers or to address to criminal authorities of Kuzbas. to inspectors it was easier and intrigujushche it is prestigious to involve in business of Zhivilo and Alexander Tikhonov - the defender has told.

as lawyer Plevin has noted, all conclusions about Alexander Tikhonov`s participation are constructed on indications of one person, Victor Tikhonov who has declared in court that from drinks which to it were offered by field investigators, it was lost in time and space, signed reports, without penetrating into their essence.

on belief of other lawyer, Sergey Denisov, any attempt at Aman Tuleyev it was not planned. The lawyer has remembered Victor Tikhonov`s recent statement in court that no attempt existed, and there was a swindle which has been thought up by it for reception of money .

Lawyers have accused a consequence of bias. According to defenders, it proves to be true also that taking into account Alexander Tikhonov`s merits the public prosecutor has asked to appoint to it bolshy term, than his younger brother Victor (it has been sentenced to four years) has left. Defenders asked to justify Alexander Tikhonov. As the accused Tikhonov, the punishment offered it by the public prosecutor has informed after judicial session, he is not afraid. On June, 27th defendant Tikhonov will act with last word and the court will leave in a consultative room for adjudgment.

, Novosibirsk