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the Head of investigatory committee waits for polonium examination
federation Council has satisfied yesterday representation of president Putin about appointment as the chairman of investigatory committee (SK) at the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the assistant to public prosecutor Alexander Bastrykina. For this nominee 137 persons have voted, two have refrained. Officially SK will start to function on September, 7th this year. According to mister Bastrykina, this body will continue the investigation of murders begun in the State Office of Public Prosecutor eks - the officer of FSB Alexander Litvinenko and journalist Anna Politkovsky. Chairman SK has complained in conversation with journalists on insufficient activity of the British colleagues which fulfil only one version - that Meadow is the main thing accused whereas at the Russian Office of Public Prosecutor there are also other versions . According to mister Bastrykina, the State Office of Public Prosecutor expects in the near future to receive from the Russian experts The conclusion on poison gas to polonium in so small quantity which appeared in a course of this investigation . As to business about Anna Politkovsky`s murder, according to head SK, it has been considered six versions, the majority of them otmeteno, nevertheless the end of the investigation has good prospects .