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Gazprom has overpaid for a victory over the Base element

Yesterday in Krasnoyarsk region have passed two auctions on the investigation and oil recovery right and gas in the north of region. The basic struggle for sites was developed between Gazprom and holding affiliated company the Base element . Having won a victory in both tenders, the state company will pay for licences more than 1,8 mlrd rbl. - in 20 times above the starting price. At yesterday`s auctions in territorial administration Rosnedr across Krasnoyarsk region two sites in the north of region were exposed: Arakansky (look-ahead resources of hydrocarbons of 64 million t, the starting price of 40 million rbl.) and Judokonsky (50 million t and 30 million rbl.). Application forms for participation in auctions have submitted Open Society Gazprom Open Company Incorporated oil group (holding structure the Base element ) Open Society Rosneft and Open Company Standartnafta . The victory in disputes for both sites remained for Gazprom which will pay for them almost in 20 times more the starting price - 792 million rbl. for the Arakansky site and 1,08 mlrd rbl. - for Judokonsky. In both cases with Gazprom to the last struggled Incorporated oil group . We are very glad that these two sites have appeared claimed, in treasury It will leave almost 2 mlrd rbl. means that geologists worked knowingly - the head of territorial administration Rosnedr across Krasnoyarsk region Alexander Ehanin has underlined.
On competition conditions, to Gazprom the right to investigation and mining operations to new sites within 25 years will be given. We will remind that the state company already owns in the north of Krasnoyarsk region licences for the Sojbinsky deposit, Tetersky, Berjambinsky and Omorinsky sites. Yesterday in a press - to service Gazprom have refrained from comments.
the general director of Open Company Incorporated oil group Vladislav Pauljus named new sites Gazprom risky . We estimated probability of opening there an essential deposit less than in 50 %. But, despite it, have decided to participate in auction. Even taking into account it it was interesting to us to increase resource base. Will risk now two billions Gazprom it had a possibility to give this right to us - mister Pauljus has philosophically noticed. Also has added that Incorporated oil group continues to watch all sites which are exposed on auctions, first of all in Eastern Siberia.
in administration of Krasnoyarsk region have apprehended results of the auctions as the next acknowledgement of interest to oil and gas branch of region . Interest this huge. That has won Gazprom By us it is regarded positively: the company has the scheme of actions in edge territory, and we expect from it serious investments - the vice-governor of Krasnoyarsk region Andrey Gnezdilov has declared yesterday.
Experts explain an excessive demand for sites in Eastern Siberia granting of tax privileges. in regions of Eastern Siberia from the tax to mining operations are released nedropolzovateli, developing new deposits, - or for the first 10 years, or on first 25 million t. The improved economy of these licences conducts to inflation of the prices for these sites, therefore at auctions the price " grows; - the analyst of investment company " has noticed; Aton artem Deaths.
Andrey Ozornin, Krasnoyarsk