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The court has believed to friends accused

Jurymen of Moscow Regional Court have justified Romana Polusmjaka accused of murder from national hostility of the refugee from Azerbaijan 19 - summer Arthur Sardarjana. In spite of the fact that two witnesses have directly shown, what exactly defendant Polusmjak put the knife wounds to the victim, jurymen have believed not it, and to friends accused, asserting that that has spent all the evening long to their companies.
on removal of a justificatory verdict by the juryman of Moscow Regional Court it was required three hours. Members of board needed to answer questions, whether took a place an attack on Arthur Sardarjana in the evening on May, 25th, 2006 in which course the knife wounds in a neck from which he has died have been put it; whether took part in this crime the Novel of Polusmjak and whether it is guilty of murder. And if it is guilty, whether deserves indulgence.

according to the investigation, Arthur Sardarjana`s murder has occurred in 23. 00 in an electric train following from Moscow in Sofrino. When the train has stopped at station Klyazma, mister Sardarjana was attacked by two malefactors. They have broken the handle of feet - the crane, and then with shouts Glory of Russia! have some times struck a knife in a neck and a breast to a victim.

in the affirmative jury have answered only the first question - about the fact of murder. The others 10 of 12 jurymen have answered all negatively, having justified accused Romana Polusmjaka. However, justified have not released from - under guards as shortly before the beginning of this process he has been condemned for two years for hooliganism - the Novel of Polusmjak and its acquaintances have beaten on a platform Malenkovsky the man.

jurymen leaving a hall tried not to look in the face to parents of the killed young man Irina and Edward Sardarjanam. the Justification became for me and the spouse a bolt from the blue, after all two from witnesses of murder have directly shown on accused what exactly it has made an attack on our son - Edward Sardarjan has told. However top took opinion of defenders which referred to indications of friends and the acquaintances of accused Polusmjaka asserting that in the evening on May, 25th, 2006 that walked in their company .

Have affected opinion of jurymen and the reference of lawyers of an identikit of murderer Arthur Sardarjana accused on discrepancy to appearance of their client. So, in the description it was specified that attacking was a strong constitution and above medium height. And accused it has appeared the sickly young man which features reminded an identikit a little.

this description has been made according to one of the witnesses who have identified in court of accused Polusmjaka. However, the witness has there and then shown in court: it was difficult to remember features of the person, its growth and a constitution if caught a glimpse of it .