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Deputies have let out public relations

In Washington there has passed a meeting of committees of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the congress of the USA on the international affairs. Contrary to expectations discussion has not poured out in public finding-out of relations between Moscow and Washington. It will help to lower heat of mutual recriminations before the summit of presidents Vladimir Putin and George Bush 1 - on July, 2nd. With details - the staff reporter in Washington DMITRY - SIDOROV.
present discussion was necessary on opposition peak between Russia and the USA concerning the ABM. Unlike the previous meetings of members of parliament, last of which has taken place in 2005, this time on the first part of session started up the press and all interested persons. Them was so much that the hall hardly could contain all. The journalists who have come on session in an anticipation of grandiose scandal were especially active. Two days prior to arrival of the Russian delegation the head of committee of the congress of the international affairs by Tom Lantos named Vladimir Putin morjachok Popaj eating spinach of oil profits and its statements about possibility perenatselivanija the Russian rockets to Europe characterised as exclusively stupid . In the answer the indignant colleague of mister Lantosa Konstantin Kosachev has accused the congress of the USA in generating of the Antirussian moods and use megafonnoj diplomacy .

However, to kidanija chairs (as it happens at session of the parliamentary commission of the USA and Mexico three years ago) business is not has reached, no less than to humiliating remarks to each other, two committees which have brightened up a closed meeting in Moscow in 2004. Session has begun with peace introductions of heads of the international committees. However, without causticities nevertheless has not managed. The knowing English Konstantin Kosachev has decided to act through the translator that, as he said, in the congress of the USA great Russian sounded.

Tom Lantos considerably was nervous, saying words on duty about importance of dialogue between Russia and the USA. The reason consisted that was late for session the speaker of House of Representatives Nensi Pelosi - the third party in state hierarchy of the USA. It has appeared after ten minutes after the session beginning. The speaker has risen on a tribune and, obviously without representing, about what here it is possible to speak, has said muffled enough speech about importance of dialogue between Russia and the USA. Towards the end of Nensi Pelosi has thanked deputies of the State Duma for visit to the USA and has promised to send to Moscow reciprocal delegation. I necessarily will arrive, if the schedule allows and there will be no more important issues - she has specified.

after leaving of madam Pelosi discussion began to grow and promised to become hot. Before the beginning of session of Lord Lantos and Kosachev publicly assured journalists that will fairly talk about the challenges - About the ABM, DOVSE, democracies in Russia, power safety, and also about regional conflicts in Kosovo, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Dnestr region. However, substantial discussion did not leave on one of the declared points.

the offer of congressmen to talk about the ABM has failed at once: Konstantin Kosachev has started to complain of absence of the chief specialist on a theme Julia Kvitsinsky, the former first deputy of head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR. The head of committee of the State Duma has charged with all responsibility for it the American side which has not given out to the mister Kvitsinsky visa. However, mister Kosachev has not retired to the background and has announced the main argument of Moscow: Washington should not place the ABM in the Eastern Europe, as there are no sensible arguments about danger of Iran . After session Konstantin Kosachev has hinted that could even organise a joint trip of the Russian deputies and the American congressmen to Iran. However, as the deputy, its plan nerealizuem, for " fairly admitted; for Iranians the American component of delegation will be unacceptable .

After that Toma Lantosa turn which has begun to rebuke softly Moscow for absence of free mass-media and " has come; inability of the Russian authorities to protect journalists who criticise their actions . The answer of mister Kosacheva was quite predicted: he has declared that many estimations of the USA cause in Russia disappointment from - behind the odnostoronnosti . However, skirmish between the senator, having reputation of the most rigid critic of Moscow, and the deputy known for the antiwestern statements, it was limited.

discussions about Kosovo in which course the assistant to mister Kosacheva Natalia Narochnitsky tried to prove that in edge were not mass cleanings of Albanians, also did not leave. Congressman Eliot Engel to anybody without addressing, has only murmured: Any sane person will not deny that in Kosovo there were ethnic cleanings. Perhaps it and the doctor of history, but at it is not present the right to copy history . More questions at issue about the frozen conflicts on the post-Soviet territory were not mentioned at all. The result has brought Tom Lantos: Exchanging causticities, we can not notice, how challenges will dissolve us on different corners. It is important, that both parties abstained from quick temper .

Thus, members of parliament managed not to worsen at least atmosphere Russian - the American relations on the threshold of a meeting of presidents of two countries 1 - on July, 2nd in the State of Maine. Moreover, as it became known from the sources close to gosdepu the USA, at the summit Vladimir Putin and George Bush can definitively co-ordinate the contract between Russia and the USA about cooperation in nuclear area. The congress of the USA from the beginning 1990 - h did not want and to hear years about interaction of Washington and Moscow in atomic engineering, referring to the nuclear help of Russia to Iran. Now, seemingly, the situation has changed. This information was confirmed also with the first vice-president of the Duma committee on the international affairs Leonid Slutsky: Bush and Putin, most likely, paraph the contract on nuclear cooperation, and within 90 days it will be confirmed by the congress .

Means, Duma members and congressmen met knowingly.