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Last leader volgovskih has spent ten years

Office of Public Prosecutor of the Samara region are in hiding has accepted to manufacture criminal case concerning Vladimir Pchelina, unique of the survived leader Tolyatti volgovskoj groupings. In 90 - e years this OPG supervised half of shipment of production with the Autovase. Criminal case of the criminal authority, ten years wanted, actually puts an end in the history of criminal wars for a motorcar giant. In the meantime on the basic witness on Vladimir Pchelina`s business attempt is made.
Were the criminal authority is in hiding has been detained in Moscow in the end of May. However home (to Tolyatti) has got not at once: at first its transit have delivered for evidence to Ryazan. The matter is that in 1997 Vladimir Pchelin has been declared in federal search in connection with a legal investigation of local grouping of Vladimir Yermolov (Elephant). In the end of 90 - h years Ryazan elephants And the Tolyatti gangsters, having concluded the contract about cooperation have adjusted an exchange of killers. Coming from Ryazan bratki killed in Tolyatti competitors volgovskih and those, in turn, under orders elephants shot objectionable in Ryazan. In coordination of work of murderers - guest performers in Tolyatti the former member of spetsnaz Vladimir Pchelin answering at " also was engaged; volgovskih for power actions.

Volgovsky (other name - ruzljaevskaja. - ) the grouping was formed in Tolyatti in the beginning 90 - h years. After its first leader Vladimir Maslov has been shot, Dmitry Ruzljaev (Dima Big, it is killed in 1999), and served involuntary service in the Division of a name Dzerzhinsky and passed " became new leader OPG; flashpoints Vladimir Pchelin has headed insurgents. The grouping has received the basic name from a bar in hotel Volga where Dima Big dropped in. Volgovsky which openly supported local law enforcement bodies, have entered war for control over AvtoVAZom with Vladimir Vdovin`s brigade (Workmate). Dime big it was possible to hammer together a gangster alliance into which has entered Chechen a brigade created by the former field investigator of Autofactory ROVD Shamadom Bisultanovym, a brigade Igor Sirotenko (Orphan) and kupeevskaja OPG which skeleton was made by veterans - Afghans.

a Volgovsky alliance supervised half of shipment of cars from car factory, and also some tens its dealers. The annual budget of grouping in its blossoming exceeded $400 million After murder of Dimy Big and practically all authorities allies volgovskih OPG Vladimir Pchelin has headed. In 2003 survived volgovskie gangsters have been sentenced to long imprisonment terms. In court have been proved 19 made volgovskimi custom-made murders and attempts. Among them - murders of the chief of branch on struggle against the organised crime of the Tolyatti Department of Internal Affairs of major Dmitry Ogorodnikova, the field investigator of department on struggle against Peter Loginov`s gangsterism, directors rybzavoda Sadko Oksanas Labintsevoj, the deputy director of factory Volgotsemmash Alexander Anufriev, the director of the Tolyatti association dillerov Oleg Jarkina, the director of a broadcasting company TV Harmony Sergey Ivanov.

as have explained in the Samara regional Office of Public Prosecutor, Vladimir Pchelin is accused of gangsterism, in the organisation in 1994 of murder of Dmitry Markin, the bodyguard of the leader competing OPG Vladimir Vdovin, and also in attempt at businessman Alexey Grushin, to which this authority gave a roof . Thus in Office of Public Prosecutor consider that the quantity of episodes can increase in business of the member of spetsnaz. On Pcheline of blood as on the butcher, he has simply flown into a rage after attempt, and ` volgovskie ` people put as sheaves, without considering - one of employees of Office of Public Prosecutor has told. But even if in business there are only two mentioned episodes, Vladimir Pchelin will receive on the full coil are assured of regional Office of Public Prosecutor. On set of the crimes made to authority it is threatened with a life imprisonment.

we will notice that in 1995 at the height of fight between volgovskoj and naparnikovskoj by gangs for control over AvtoVAZom on the member of spetsnaz attempt has been arranged - the bullet has got to Vladimir Pchelinu to a head, but it remained is live.

meanwhile in Vladimir Pchelina`s legal investigation there can be a new serious problem. In the evening on July, 16th in Tolyatti attempt on 44 - summer Vitaly Zherebjateva (Kutuz) has been made. It passed on business of Pchelina as the witness. The unknown criminal has let out in Kutuza five bullets, presumably from a pistol of Makarova when that has called in on the car on the acquaintance on World street. Kutuz remained it is live and is in resuscitation under militia protection. It any more the first case of punishment over volgovskimi which gave evidences against were colleagues . So, in 2004 at an entrance of the house Sergey Matveev who has given the evidences in court has been shot. Therefore it is not excluded that Vitaly Zherebjatev will understand a hint also will refuse former indications against Vladimir Pchelina.