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Yesterday in the residence in It is new - Ogaryov Vladimir Putin has met the president of Moldova Vladimir Voroninym. The president of the Russian Federation was in good mood that is quite explainable - for the sake of a meeting with it Vladimir Voronin has neglected the summit of association Guam as which Moscow considers Antirussian. Vladimir Voronina`s gesture did not remain not noticed. As Vladimir Putin, " has declared; the first steps for razblokirovanija cooperation in some directions " have been made;. To the cores from them was that the main health officer of the Russian Federation Gennady Onishchenko has declared possibility of fast renewal of export to Russia of Moldavian wines. Behind the closed doors presidents have discussed a key problem - Dnestr. As observers believe, Russia can offer the new plan of settlement of the conflict instead of rejected by Vladimir Voroninym in 2003 the plan of Kozaka . ALEXANDER - GABUEV
Democratic People`s Republic of Korea will close a nuclear reactor
Pyongyang has expressed readiness to close a nuclear reactor in Jonbene where weapon plutonium was made. The statement for it was made yesterday by the assistant to the US State Secretary Christopher Hill the day before meeting in Pyongyang with head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea Pak Y by Chunom. The Plan of action aimed at refusal of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea from development of nuclear programs, has been co-ordinated in February of this year on the next round of six-sided negotiations. In an exchange for a reactor stop in Jonbene to Northern Korea have offered the power help and normalisation of relations from the USA. Pyongyang has co-ordinated the beginning of a suspension of the reactor to returning to it $25 million, blocked in the Chinese bank Delta Asia in Macao under the pressure of the USA. Yesterday this sum at last has returned into accounts of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea. Next week to Democratic People`s Republic of Korea there will arrive inspectors of IAEA, and in the first decade of July, predictably, representatives of six countries will gather again in Beijing to settle last not co-ordinated details.