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The historical background

on December, 20th, 1993 RUSIA Petroleum has obtained the licence for investigation and working out Kovyktinsky gazokondensatnogo deposits within April, 2018. In 1998 British Petroleum began to supervise 27 % of actions RUSIA Petroleum having created joint venture with the owner of 60 % of actions of NK SIDANKO. In 2000 6 % RUSIA Petroleum has bought the multinational corporation. At the moment of creation in February, 2003 of holding of the multinational corporation - VR the multinational corporation owned 29,11 %, BP - 32,95 % of actions RUSIA Petroleum (only 62,06 %). Other principal shareholders are Interros (25,82 %) and administration of the Irkutsk region (10,8 %). Deposit working out has begun in 2006.
on June, 3rd, 2004 the vice-president of board Gazprom Alexander Ananenkov has called in question legitimacy of reception RUSIA Petroleum licences on Kovyktu. On July, 20th the head of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources Yury Trutnev has obliged the company within a month to name an exact date started of working out of a deposit.

In December RUSIA Petroleum has suggested Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources to transfer the beginning of deliveries of gas with Kovykty with 2006 for 2011, the ministry the offer has rejected. On May, 12th, 2005 mister Trutnev has declared that the ministry plans to start resolute actions concerning Kovykty .

In September, 2006 the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Irkutsk region has directed to the State Office of Public Prosecutor the offer to suspend the licence for Kovyktu from - for non-observance of terms of its development and infringement of ecological norms. On September, 25th the State Office of Public Prosecutor has threatened RUSIA Petroleum licence withdrawal on the Kovyktinsky deposit.

on January, 17th, 2007 Rosprirodnadzor has begun check of conditions of observance of the licence. It has been established that the company has extracted in 2006 33,8 million in cubic m of gas instead of the provided 9 billion

on February, 9th Rosnedra have ordered RUSIA Petroleum till May, 23rd to eliminate infringements, having promised otherwise to withdraw the licence. on March, 16th the head of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources Yury Trutnev has declared that in case of a response the deposit will be exposed on auction without the right of participation of foreigners. In April RUSIA Petroleum has challenged in arbitration court of the Irkutsk region results of check of Rosprirodnadzora and the instruction of Rosnedr. On May, 28th the court has stopped manufacture on business, having considered its not entering into its competence. This very day the assistant to head Rosprirodnadzora Oleg Mitvol has directed the offer on licence withdrawal in Rosnedra. commission Rosnedr Session has been planned for June, 1st, but decision-making have postponed.