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The Supreme court has replaced orientation to gays

the Right of citizens to carrying out of public actions is provided item 31 Constitutions of the Russian Federation, in which is told: Citizens of the Russian Federation have the right to gather peacefully without the weapon, to hold meetings, meetings and demonstrations, processions and picketing . Carrying out of peace processions and meetings the European convention on protection of human rights and the basic freedom and also guarantee the International pact about the civil and political rights, which participants is Russia.
discrimination, that is infringement of the rights, freedom and legitimate interests of citizens depending on a floor, belief, accessories to any social groups, according to item 136 the Criminal code of the Russian Federation, is punished by the penalty to 200 thousand rbl. or imprisonment for the term up to two years. If such act is made from office position the penalty can make from 100 thousand to 300 thousand rbl. And imprisonment term - till five years.

the rights of sexual minorities in the Russian Federation are not limited in any way (the criminal liability for homosexuality has been cancelled on May, 27th, 1993).