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The Supreme court recognised the gay will lock - parade lawful

the Higher judicial body of Russia has counted an interdiction last year`s the gay - parade in Moscow correct. The Supreme court has refused to organizers of procession excitation of supervising manufacture under the complaint to the decision on refusal in action carrying out in support sex - minority on May, 27th, 2006. Now organizers are full of determination to search for truth in the European court.
the Supreme court of Russia the gay - parade in Moscow which has been planned for May, 27th, 2006 has taken out definition under the supervising complaint to earlier taken out judgements on an interdiction. the Supreme court has completely agreed with the argument of the Tver district court of Moscow about legality of an interdiction the gay - processions - the organizer of not resolved action Nikolay Alekseev has informed. As he said, in definition of the Supreme court it is said that, resolving dispute, the court has come to a correct conclusion about legitimacy of actions of the official .

In court definition it is specified that the government of Moscow started with absence of possibility to provide safety of participants of public action and to prevent mass riots. And interests of the applicant protected by the law have not been broken by the granted refusal of the right . Organizers of the action are not going to be reconciled with an interdiction, they intend to prove the case in the European court in Stassburge. We have undertaken all attempts to resolve the given case within the limits of the Russian judicial system and considered court in Strasbourg as exclusive instance, but the Russian authorities and have not wanted to solve this business in Russia - has declared Alexeys. He also has added that the decision of the European court is expected before rough date of carrying out the third gay - parade - on May, 31st, 2008.

in the first instance action of proceeding has been considered on May, 26th, 2006, one days prior to planned the gay - parade. Later the Moscow city court has refused satisfaction cassation and two supervising complaints to the decision of the Tver district court then on April, 4th organizers of procession have addressed with the supervising complaint in the Supreme court. We will remind, the authorities of Moscow have forbidden parade carrying out on the ground that gays can podvregnutsja to attacks from outside gomofobov, and mayor Yury Luzhkov that will not admit parade carrying out in any form . As a result of May, 27th of last year some tens persons have risked to leave on the unapproved action where have been beaten by orthodox active workers and are detained by capital OMON.

for comparison: in Israel carrying out the gay - parade also became a trial subject in the higher judicial instance. The gay - parade there has been resolved by a judgement. The action has taken place on June, 21st in Jerusalem. In day of carrying out the gay - parade in a city mass protest actions have taken place. Active workers of the radical religious organisations have thrown policemen stones, in the answer policemen have been compelled to apply water guns. 15 persons have been arrested.

details read in tomorrow`s number the Businessman .